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Spread out!

At a local rally, it felt like the group was being disrespectful and obnoxiously loud inside of a building, so I promoted the doctor outside. I ended up talking to 3 people at length and informed them of Dr. Paul as well as additional random supporters passing by.

In my opinion, large groups are intimidating and wild to those not involved. They may grab attention initially for a few moments to those that are passing by, but will likely be forgotten once they are out of sight. I feel it would be much more inviting if we were to spread out instead of attaching to each other. It's much harder to disregard passionate individuals than an annoying mob. Are you more likely to give money to a group of bums, or one by himself?

Instead of 50 Ron Paul supporters on a single overpass(I've been part of one of these), there should be a few people on every overpass for miles! Or can you imagine a Ron Paul supporter on each corner of downtown San Francisco during a work day? For 12 blocks? Sooner or later EVERYONE will be curious and many are going to be asking questions. Keep in mind these people are going into offices with coworkers. The supporters would not be disruptive in any way, but inviting and courteous.

Instead of people thinking "Oh the Ron Paul people are over there." they would think "The Ron Paul people are everywhere!" (they are)

I posted this before and it wasn't responded to. Let me know if you agree or not, I won't push this anymore if not. Thanks!

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You hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!

We need to implement the one on every corner in San Francisco plan but we need to do that in other cities like Anaheim and Oakland and maybe LA.

The tough thing is I am over on the East coast, all i can do is ask that the message gets spread to Californians. Instead of grouping yourselves spread out to 15 or 20 different locations. Not only does it make you more visible but People would be like "Woah, there's Ron Paul supporters everywhere!" LOL

I would love this! Learning

I would love this! Learning first from a genuine person is a much better push than asking them to go home and research for themselves.

Ron Paul deserves his own (non-federal) holiday! http://ronpaulholiday.com/

Here's an idea.

My church youth group went to a youth rally one time and participated in a sign walk. There were about a hundred of us and we all spread out twenty yeards apart and stretched out for more than a mile through town. It was election season, so we held up signs reading, "Jesus Christ you best choice". Think about it! If one thousand Ron Paul supporters were to do a march like that, all passing traffic would see for ten miles straight is "Ron Paul".

That would be amazing! Except

That would be amazing! Except I would prefer if people weren't walking, but wow. Either way incredible site!

Ron Paul deserves his own (non-federal) holiday! http://ronpaulholiday.com/

Great idea,pass it on


I've been trying to, but

I've been trying to, but people don't want to hear it. :(

Ron Paul deserves his own (non-federal) holiday! http://ronpaulholiday.com/

Good Insight

I like your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Would be good to have along with a few people or large group options.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the support!

Ron Paul deserves his own (non-federal) holiday! http://ronpaulholiday.com/

Good job Quizbe

I like your spirit and there IS validity to what you say.


But it is true also that huge shows of support can really power a candidacy.

Obama used that brilliantly in 2008.

He would actually stage people fainting during several of his speeches.

It was cunning but it didn't fool me for a moment - just meant to cover up the big lie.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I'm glad you agree!

I'm glad you agree!

Ron Paul deserves his own (non-federal) holiday! http://ronpaulholiday.com/

They're even in Australia

And growing. I know it doesn't help the donations or the votes, but we are winning the world.


I think you're forgetting an interesting dynamic.
People like to be part of a group.
It feels good.
Why do more people show up to a sign wave or a Ron Paul party than canvassing or phone banking? Because they feel included in a larger group, and they aren't on their own.

Large groups don't just influence the spectators - they have a reinforcing effect on those in the crowd. They give the individuals a sense of greater purpose, and cohesion.

I'm not saying your idea is bad. I think it would be awesome to look down the road and see Ron Paul signs at every intersection as far as the eye could see. Yet events need to be fun for those involved as well, and some people don't feel as comfortable waving signs on their own.

And to those who make the (completely true) comment that we need to get out of our comfort zone, this is more important than having a good time...remember - some of the people you're talking to spend most of their campaigning time simply responding to posts on the internet. EVERY bit helps.

"Always vote your principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams.

Certainly not everyone should

Certainly not everyone should be on their own. People who aren't very social or don't know enough about Ron Paul's policies to defend them could group together to gather some attention. But think how hard it is for curious people to approach a loud group. The message needs to spread, not be a members only club.

Also, the word Revolution is scary. "Give us back our Constitution" signs should be placed next to the "Ron Paul Revolution" signs whenever possible. It states plainly what we want and it sounds completely reasonable in peoples' heads. I'm not sure why these are not much more popular.

Ron Paul deserves his own (non-federal) holiday! http://ronpaulholiday.com/

Who do you think came up with sociology?

Just curious.. :)

BTW OP, nice post. I like the Ron Paul people are everywhere mindset and tactic.


I try to change people every day. Do You?