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On Eve Of Primary, Ron Paul Pins Louisiana Hopes On Caucus

HAMMOND, La. – Congressman Ron Paul drew an enthusiastic crowd of 1500 people to a rural college town Friday evening for a speech that harshly attacked the federal government in advance of Saturday’s primary.

At University Hall, the basketball stadium for Southeastern Louisiana University, supporters wore name tags to facilitate networking in advance of the state’s Republican caucuses beginning next month.

Although the state’s Republican presidential primary is Saturday, most of the state’s delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be decided at caucuses April 28 and the state party convention on June 2.

Looking relaxed and fit in a button-down shirt and a pair of blue jeans, Paul received numerous rounds of cheers during his 40-minute address.

“The revolution is alive and well,” he said before beginning his standard stump speech, which hit on his favorite themes.

Paul called the federal budget “ridiculous” and said the present entitlement system “doesn’t work.” The Federal Reserve? “A failure.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/24/on-eve-of-primary-ron-paul...

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The R3VOLUTION will not be televised...

Lol, I was "quoted" in the article as saying (personal liberties are “near and dear to my heart,”) which is true, but I also said that a non interventionist foreign policy and sound money are equally important, interwoven and affect liberty. Also, I guess 32 is now "older", but sheesh I really don't look that old.
I'm trying to do my part folks :) $30 in the money bomb, rockin the support at the rally, a few hours of x it polling today, voted for the Doctor and a supporter for a local council position, Reading Robert's Rules. Come on caucus! R3VOLUTION

Someone needs Cameras!!! OR FRAUD WILL HAPPEN

Look what happened on the video on Daily Paul front page. Bryan Spencer ST. CHARLES said they learned how to rig the caucuses like the other states did to prevent Paul supporters from voting and having a voice.

come on, Louisiana!

Somebody's gotta be the first to figure it out....

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

reedr3v's picture

What a coup, to be the first to turn the tide


Sorry, won't happen.

But I suspect we will win the caucuses in late April.