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RP ★ROCKSTAR★ Money Technique

Ron Paul is a Rockstar - on that we all agree.

Now how do Rockstars make money? Touring! And Ron Paul is already doing that! The campaign needs to either:

A) Outright Charge at the door to his speeches. Tell the people this is a grassroots movement, and Ron Paul needs every dollar he can get. Or,

B) BEG for Donations at his events. Stop the event - just like a fundraiser / auction - and ask people to chip in ON THE SPOT. Ever go to church and see them pass around the baskets for cash? Yeah, same principle.

In either case, Ron Paul & Co. need to start tapping those audiences that are flocking to hear his message of Freedom, Personal Responsibility, & True Limited Government.

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SOMEONE ELSE Can Ask for the Money

It wouldn't be right to have RP do the asking, but as soon as he's done speaking, a local campaign person could run up to the mike and do the ask.

Thats what the Obama campaign

Thats what the Obama campaign does. They use Square on phones and tablets to gather credit card donations.

I disagree

we will just keep donating like usual. Go out and sell stuff or try to find ways to make an extra few dollars that you can give a portion of to the campaign.

This is not a good idea. We

This is not a good idea. We have enough problem getting to the people without starting to charge them money or pass out donation plates.

It is tacky. And I believe this sort of tackiness is exactly the reason behind the money bomb flops.

Over and out.

Charging for FREE DOM ?

I think this would be counter productive.


Freedom is about CHOICE...

...not getting stuff for FREE.

Seriously? That's your argument against donating to his cause if you're such a fan that you will seek him out, sometimes across state lines?

Even $2 or $3 bucks a head wouldn't break anyone's bank, would add to the cause of Freedom and would help Ron get his message out to as many people as possible.

I'd have to give this more thought ...

... but I do think Dr. Paul has to bring up the fact that we're up against a ruling class that not only has trillions of dollars on hand, but also has sole access to the printing press that outputs the world's current reserve currency. That they, quite literally, have an unlimited amount of money. However, that kind of statement can backfire; some people react to statements like that by throwing in the towel, thinking "there's no chance in that case ... so why bother?" So he should remind them that we've always been up against that kind of wealth and we've been able to get the message out and grow exponentially in spite of it. He should say, as frequently as possible, that even $5 donations are very helpful due to the large number of donors in our movement.

We also need to do as many money bombs as we can. I used to think that we were having too many and that was why we always ended up raising approximately $1-$2 million every time. Well, there hasn't been one in awhile and it seems to be on the same pace. If we can raise a million bucks per money bomb regardless of how frequently we have 'em, then we should do one every week or two.

The campaign needs money and I just get the feeling Dr. Paul is a little reluctant to constantly ask for more. We do a great job of keeping his name and campaign on people's minds all over the internet with our videos, articles, comments on articles (that even remotely relate to RP), calling radio shows, etc., but we also need to reach the folks that get all their information from the television and radio and that means the campaign (or a RP-friendly Super PAC) needs money to buy airtime.

Lets keep the money rolling in ... even if it's just $2 or $3 dollars a week. $1-$2 million bucks a month isn't great but it's better than what we've done the last few months unless I've misread things.

If you can't afford to donate a couple bucks a week: 1) may God bless you and yours; and 2) keep spreading the word any way you know how.


Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em