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Super Brochure: Mailings for Connecticut, Delaware, and North Carolina

Connecticut, Delaware, and North Carolina have been added. The good people in Connecticut are fired up and are using their Meetup Group, www.CT4L.com to get the message out. They are doing the canvassing and newspaper insertions. Now all they need is the mailings. Areas that are consistently saturated in Super Brochures are getting higher voter turnout for Ron Paul.

We have an opportunity to change history. So take action now.

Click here to mail the Super Brochures:


If you need anything, please let me know.

In Liberty,


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to the front.

No More.

Folks if you havent figured out these super brochures are just not working when we send them out in the mail without explaining and not going door to door.. We sent these brochures almost to the whole state of registered republicans in Georgia? We got 5% of the vote i think.. Come on.. If they really worked by sending them through the mail we would have at least got 10%-15.. If you are going to spend your money donate to Rev Pac or to the campaign!

Listen to me, people!!

As soon as I posted these counters to the negativity, some one came on here and voting all the postive threads down: every one of them. They even voted down those sincere questions and answers on the top, even things with no opinion.

It's like they are looming over this thread to attack it. So, I upvoted the first two innocent posts.

WOW: time to mail some SBs!!

Explanation Needed....

I hope someone will respond and please excuse my ignorance. The just is that I buy a quantity of these brochures and they are sent directly to the super voters with my name included on the brochure. So basically, I just give money to fund this mailing to happen. I live in VA.

Yes. That's it. You pick a

Yes. That's it. You pick a precinct (or several) and pay to have the brochures sent to the "super" voters in that precinct and your name and address is shown as the return address.

Posted elsewhere but I believe it bears repeating

I am from Delaware. I have heard the state coordinator say personally that the Super Brochures are not as helpful as many believe them to be. Our efforts are focused on finding the top two issues for each voter and nothing more. Many times people will find one position they disagree with and decide that is enough to not vote for Dr. Paul. I would suggest donating to the campaign if you want to make a difference. It is of course your money and your choice but I thought I would share that bit of information.

Same old argument. Can you name the person who said this?

It's all so vague (the "campaign"). Saying that, "the campaign," could be a means to discourage people." No one wants to go against the campaign. And thus by your post this acts as a discouragement.

How about we who have maxed out? SB mailings help us get his platform in front of people.

How about some basis for your comment, before you would discourage a direct mail campaign? The main is being blacked-out. After all, the brochure is merely a piece of paper representing Dr. Paul's positions. Odd claims you make, since here is what REALLY happens when the SB is mailed, and it is all positive:


I know it works from personal experience. Have you used this fantastic tool?

and adding one more thing

To say they "hurt" is exceedingly disruptive, since this is the opposite of the data from SB mailings, as posted above. The point is there is NO evidence that the mailings hurt our cause. It has the opposite effect. It helps us.

How could Dr. Paul's honest message discourage anyone? I find it impossible to believe that the campaign is against this. Let them say so.

>I would suggest donating to

>I would suggest donating to the campaign if you want to make a difference.

The problem is the campaign isn't active in these states at all (at least not that I've heard of). There's been no info passed down to grassroots that the campaign is planning on running any ads or doing any marketing.

In NC the best thing that could happen is thousands of Ron Paul yard signs and bumper stickers spread across the state. That would show the voters that there really are Paul supporters all around them and that it is worth going and voting for him. Unfortunately Paul supporters are waiting for what other campaigns do: they supply the yard signs for free.

Right now it doesn't matter if prospective voters agree with him or not - they don't see ANY presence from the Paul campaign so they think he's dropped out. It makes it much harder to convince people to go vote for him when they think they'll be the only one doing so.

The other campaigns will be planting yard signs all over in NC over the next few weeks.. they will make it known that they're here and want the votes. If they're like previous campaigns they'll just ship in thousands of signs and pay a few people to do the work. The Paul campaign just needs to get the signs to NC and let the grassroots spread them around. But if the Paul campaign was planning on doing that then they should have been contacting people to spread the signs around weeks ago.

So... for NC this Super Brochure is the only prospect of having any "Ron Paul" presence that I see. I agree that it probably includes way too many issues and turns a lot of voters off, but the campaign isn't giving any indication that it's going to do any better.

just a vote of confidence

Clay County in Missouri was 100% mailed. There was such a massive Paul presence that, as you know, they hijacked the caucus.

They are appealing it, from what I was told first-hand by a caucus attendee.

Boone was partially mailed; did well there.

St. Charles was partially mailed: you know the story.

Will get exact statistics as soon as possible. This is a great tool for those who are maxed out and still wish to get out the message (and the vote).

If we need...

If we need the majority of delegates from 5 states to be on the second ballot..lets just win some damn states outright and put that dilemma to bed!

Or 4 states..whatever the

Or 4 states..whatever the number was...someone could tell me I am sure...

Through a friend, this was just bought: Bridgeport is fixed

escription: CT-Bridgewater Precincts:001
Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
49513 001 1 N US $74.80 US $74.80
Total: US $74.80

A few hundred more SuperVoter Repubs:

Let's get this going. Let's know that we did our level best. Someone will be turned on by this effort. Direct mail always produces results.

Couldn't resist sending the message of freedom!!

Description: DE-Kent Precincts:10
Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
43939 10 1 N US $77.55 US $77.55
Total: US $77.55
Payment Information

Here we go, 94 SuperVoter Republicans now mailed in Delaware. Would be great if would could saturate all of DE and CT.

The message is contagious. Let's give it to everyone real good.

Keep in mind that 15 cases of SB to the BIG ISLAND in Hawaii; won that place hands-down!!

Oregon - april 27th

What about Oregon? Oregonians will receive their ballots in the mail on April 27th and can start voting then. So, it should be up now as well.

Please consider

the candidate comparison sheet and the campaign slim jims. Both are more cost effective. The candidate comparison sheet directly contrasts RP from the others on various issues. The slim jims are very cheap and can be used to target specific audiences and issues.

I would love to mail these

I would love to mail these out, but how do we get the super-voter addresses?

RonPaulProducts takes care of that

You just donate and, then, they do the SuperVoter mailings.

We need to get these going in

We need to get these going in California, there are tons of libertarians here they just don't realize it yet.

California represents 172 delegates. California is our most important state from here on out we need to focus our resources here.

Also, I am surprised the community here doesn't donate more to the super brochures. They seem to work really well when we have handed them out to people at sign waves.


Big bump

Posted on Twitter.

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... this needs to be on the

... this needs to be on the front page.

For NC

Focus on these counties in NC:



Rowan, Union, Cabarrus


Buncombe, Haywood

.. Cabarrus is typically seen by the GOP as the "must win" county so start there.

also, District conventions are in April and 3 national delegates are picked per district. The primary is May 8th, but early voting begins April 19th.

No shoulda/coulda/woulda

No shoulda/coulda/woulda 20-20 hindsight.

I may be able to swing some money towards this

this week. Here is a big bump for all to see!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Who will match me for $250.00 to start this going?

Will buy a block by midnight tonight if a group of you match this