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Reality check: Americans Elect

To end the AE elect stuff once and for all I cared to check their rules http://www.americanselect.org/official-documents -> right side.

I did not think that this was necessary cause a look at their board of directors tells me already what they are up to but there seems to be the need to go more into detail.

Americans Elect (or should I say American Select) - exposed

Section 2.1.
Members Generally. All American citizens are eligible for membership in
Americans Elect, while only American citizens who are registered voters may vote in convention
as Delegates.
Delegates shall have the exclusive power to vote regarding all matters presented by
Americans Elect at the convention, provided, however, that Delegates shall not have rights of
approval regarding corporate governance and administration of Americans Elect.
- means that you cant take over AE! They make the rules!

Section 2.2.
Members may participate in all activities of Americans Elect but shall
not vote unless verified as Delegates.
Means you can only vote when you are a verified delegate!

Section 2.4.

Additionally, all Delegates shall agree to a written pledge as a condition of
their participation in Americans Elect in a form to be determined by the Rules Committee: (1) to
support the purpose of Americans Elect; (2) to help approve and then adhere to the official rules of
the Americans Elect online convention process; and (3) to respect opposing views, in the same
manner that the candidates for the Americans Elect nomination are to do, and to avoid incivility or
personal disparagement of any other Member or Delegate. Subject to appeal to and binding
determination by the Board or its designee, any person violating this Standard of Conduct or
Delegate Pledge may be terminated from Americans Elect without prior notice by the Board on its
own initiative or on petition of the Delegates.
- means you can be disqualified if you violate their very broad rules.
You will be disqualified without prior notice by the board (http://www.americanselect.org/who-we-are)
And now check this:

Section 5.2.
Rules Committee.
5.2.1. Purpose. The Rules Committee shall be responsible for
development of all rules for the conduct of internet-based conventions, including drafting,
revision and amendments of such rules, consistent with the purposes of Americans Elect. The
Rules Committee shall after hearing, or after hearing and report by a hearing officer appointed by
the Rules Committee, finally determine any interpretation or dispute involving the rules of
5.2.2. Membership. Members of the Rules Committee shall be appointed
by the Board from among the Delegates with due regard for the principles of non-partisan
balance among the membership. Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board and may be
removed without cause.
-This means that the Rules Committee consists only of Delegates the Board wants to see there.. and remember the board cant be changed by anyone then the board itself.(with majority decision) Means if you are not friends with Lady Rothschild you wont have any chance to be a member of the board and probably also not of the Rules Committee.

same with the Platform of Questions Committee, Technology Integrity Committee(has oversight

and now the all deciding Candidate Certification Committee.
This is important!

Section 5.4.
Candidate Certification Committee.
5.4.1. Purpose. The Candidate Certification Committee shall be
responsible for certifying that candidates and draftees for the offices and president and vice
president meet all constitutional eligibility, as well as to develop and apply criteria of
demonstrated achievements based on qualifications of past presidents and vice presidents to
ensure that only persons capable of performing the duties of president and vice president are
eligible for voting by the registered Delegates, subject to a majority vote to the contrary of all
registered Delegates in accordance with Section 5.6. All qualified persons, regardless of their
membership in any political party, shall be eligible to seek or accept the nomination of
Americans Elect.
5.4.2. Membership. Members of the Candidate Certification Committee
shall be appointed by the Board from among the Delegates with due regard for the principles of
non-partisan balance among the membership.

Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board
and may be removed without cause.
Can you imagine any Ron Paul delegate serving at the pleasure of the board?
Can you imagine Ron Paul himself serving at the pleasure of the board?

Well there is a little "loophole"..
Section 5.6.
Committee Override by Delegate Vote.

Committee Override by Delegate Vote. Any decision of the Platform of
Questions Committee or the Candidate Certification Committee shall be nullified by a majority
vote of all registered Delegates, except that a maximum of three declared candidates for President
and three declared candidates for Vice President may be placed on the ballot by Delegate
nullification, and except that only a non-unanimous vote of the Candidate Certification Committee
regarding contingently qualified candidates may be subject to reversal vote by the Delegates.

and except that only a non-unanimous vote of the Candidate Certification Committee
regarding contingently qualified candidates may be subject to reversal vote by the Delegates.

This probably the loophole that they needed to include to secure they are able to do all this committee stuff without hurting any laws(dont know for sure..assuming it)
They only need some RP supporters in disguise that they choose as representation of the delegates..
They have many mechanisms in place that enables them to avoid a candidate they dont want.
further nasty stuff:
Section 6.1.
Officers and Neutrality. The Board of Directors shall elect or appoint the
officers of Americans Elect from persons qualified to be Delegates. The officers shall include a
Chairman, who may also be known as President who shall be the person who serves as Chairman
of the Board of Directors, a Vice Chairman, who may also be known as Vice President, a
Secretary, and a Treasurer, and such other officers, including vice presidents and assistant officers,
as may be deemed necessary.

Section 7.1.
Formation of State Committees. Americans Elect may, upon approval of
the Board and to the extent required by law, authorize and organize the formation of state-based
chapters or state committees consistent with the national purpose of Americans Elect.

Section 8.2.
Call of Convention.
The Board shall call a
convention for purposes of nominating a ticket for President and Vice President in each year of a
presidential election, with such convention to begin no earlier than April 1 and to adjourn no later
than June 30 of such year. All other meetings of Delegates or Committees shall be convened upon
at least three (3) days notice sent electronically to all Delegates as to the time, date and place or
website of the meeting.


And here is the major catch:

Section 8.3.
Convention Votes. There is no quorum requirement for internet
conventions. Votes to draft or nominate candidates shall be governed by the convention Rules as
adopted by the Rules Committee and ratified by the Delegates in accordance with these Bylaws
Where these Bylaws provide for ratification by the Delegates, except on votes regarding
nomination or endorsement of a particular candidate, the report of Committee shall be deemed
adopted except by negative vote of a majority of all registered Delegates.
Thing is as of Section 5.6. no one can overrule anything the Rules Committee decides. That means the Rules Committee can change the rules come the convention in the favor of the person they represent(but they are appointed by the board..)

Section 9.1.
Appointment of Electors. Unless otherwise provided by law, the Board
shall appoint qualified persons from among the Delegates in each state to serve as Electors. Such
persons shall not be required to be registered or affiliated with Americans Elect and such persons
may be registered members of any political party or unaffiliated with any political party to be
eligible for appointment, unless otherwise required by law.


Section 9.2.
Appointment of Alternate Electors. For each person appointed as Elector
in the manner described in the preceding section, the Board in like manner shall appoint or
nominate one qualified person to serve as Alternative Elector for each such Elector, to serve in
place of such Elector in the event of the Elector’s death, disqualification, refusal to act, failure to
attend, disability or automatic resignation for failure to conform to the Conditions of Appointment
or Nomination (hereinafter “Conditions of Appointment”) as an Elector on behalf of Americans
..and then check the agreement to be eligible as an elector for AE:

For good and lawful consideration and intending to be bound, Americans Elect (“AE”)
and the undersigned
(“Elector” or “Alternate Elector” as appropriate)
agree as follows:
AE shall appoint Elector as a presidential elector/alternate elector on behalf of AE in
accordance with Article 9 of the AE Bylaws as most recently amended and this
Elector acknowledges that such appointment is a position of prestige and power, and that
AE has expended more than $10 million to attain ballot access in multiple states.
Elector agrees that Elector shall remain unpledged until convening of votes for the
Electoral College, with the exception of the following conditions:
Plurality or Majority Vote for AE Ticket: If the AE ticket receives sufficient
popular votes to assure majority support at the Electoral College if supported
by all Americans Elect Electors, the Elector shall solely vote in the affirmative
for the AE nominees and for no other candidate;
Avoidance of Partisan Decision by Congress and Senate. If no ticket has
received sufficient popular votes to assure a majority support at the Electoral
College, and the Americans Elect ticket has received sufficient popular votes
to qualify for the support of at least one Electoral College vote which could
materially affect the outcome of the election, the Elector shall vote solely for
one of the three tickets that received the most popular votes as decided by the
Americans Elect nominee for President, or failing that, for whichever ticket
received the highest number of popular votes nationally, in accordance with
the post-election convention rules as most recently amended.
Failure to comply with this agreement shall result in the automatic termination of the
Elector and substitution therefor with the alternate elector. In view of the national effort
and costs to AE to attain ballot access for the AE ticket, which is not susceptible of easy
calculation, the parties agree that the Elector shall be liable to AE in the amount of
$100,000 in liquidated damages if the Elector violates this agreement.

If you really happen to be in the position of a Elector dont do anything opposed to AE and their mighty board cause this may lead to a $100,000 fine..


Conclusion: Its all about money. All about securing that an establishment candidate stays President of the U.S so that the guys behind AE can reap the benefits of their fraudulent anti constitutional anti american system.

Assuming that their board of directors in majority will allow a guy like Ron Paul to be their nominee in all states is much farer from reality then Ron Paul winning over the GOP and securing the nomination in Tampa.

Remember the old GOP is a fraud anti constitutional organization in large parts but we are in the process of taking over their positions. If we dont make it to be the GOP nomination then we have at least a great political influence and good position to have a nominee out of our ranks come 2016. Its the "easy" and direct way and the way RP and the campaign have chosen to follow.

Given all these circumstances I dont see how Ron Paul will ever be a declared candidate for AE.

All energy towards this organization and even if it is only to win another poll for RP is wasted or paid with a price that is not worthwhile in my honest opinion.
All this energy is better invested in pushing the tasks at hand.

I think the other points already made previously have stopped the pursuit to push this AE stuff considerably but their Rules dismantled should end it once and for all.

But well everyone should have his own conclusions given the information available.

Their shiny page and all smiles photos disguise what they are really up to IMHO. Ron Paul is their antidote.


IMHO we should discuss and observe what they do cause they will do everything to influence the presidential race in favor of their board and the people behind the people that chair the board.

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- means that you cant take over AE! They make the rules!

Sounds like the GOP.


maybe they are pulling sheningans but you can at least in theory take over every position.


Every organization has rules. Another rule says that the majority of delegates (50%) will decide the nomination - so if we can get 50% for Ron Paul in AE, he's in! So vote for Paul on AE and give him the OPPORTUNITY TO ACCEPT. If you are a republican delegate now, then by all means don't participate in AE if it makes you nervous. If you are not a Republican delegate and don't intend to be then please... this is your chance to support Ron Paul!

Terence W.

Essentially, there's a "3rd

Essentially, there's a "3rd party" candidate doing quite well despite all that he is up against. If these jokers really cared about making a difference, they'd put all support behind RP, a man who stands for real change.

Issues with AE Rules?

I don't share your concern with the published rules, bylaws, etc for Americans Elect. And I'd be surprised if Ron Paul thinks you're doing him any favor with posts like you've made here and elsewhere. Clearly he isn't going to be chosen by either the Republicans or Democrats as presidential nominee. On the other hand, he has a substantial shot at the AE nomination if he can get the support clicks and votes from his supporters.

In my view, AE offers one of the very few opportunities by which registered voters can actually participate in the presidential nominating process. Ron Paul isn't my favorite, but if he's yours, then why not support him in the only way remaining open to him?

Jim's a Speed Reader

...on the DP for 26 minutes. Something REALLY smells here. Has anyone else done a search to see just how many AE threads there have been...almost all the same...on DP Something like ten pages with ten or so threads each.

This is definitely taking away valuable time.


I think we fighted them off and offered good info for

the ones that got lured in..

Such posts like jimjensen above are merely damage control...

Just have thread like this bookmarked when something pops up and link to them in any pro AE thread..then people can make their own mind up.

I think its more or less all said for the moment regarding AE..no need to invest anymore time into it then answering with copy paste and links

This page in a YouTube video

I just posted a YouTube video where I specifically highlight this page. Good research!

Check out my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/BereanStudent

great video

will include it everywhere AE comes up until the campaign/RP says: "we plan to run for AE please all go vote there"

Same Here

bump. Make this go away.


Americans Elect is Yet Another Internet Poll

And we know what to do!

We need to make sure that Ron Paul gets 10,000 supporters.

We need to make sure that Ron Paul gets more supporters than any other candidate--hopefully twice as many supporters as any other candidate.

An then it will be exposed as a fraud when they disqualify Dr. Paul. They will show the whole world (one more time) how "democracy" works in a plutocracy when the People's Choice candidate by a landslide is thrown out in favor of the establishment candidate selected 'unanimously' by the powers-that-be, instead of by the delegates.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Is AE dumb enough to do that?

I'll be amazed if AE is dumb enough to do that--it would be political suicide and AE would be dumped instantly.

If you care to read my rationale, I replied to your similar post at:


they can do it and will just regroup for the next election..

there was a similar organization in 08. Dont ahve the name at hand..anyone?


AmericansElect was created by the same people. This is all documented. RJo doesn't care about facts.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

thanks unity 08

americans elect lol..

Agenda: vote for one candidate that we select

Its very hard work for them to present every 4 years candidates that are paid by the same people.

they would love if we accept just one candidate voted through the internet overseen by a board of directors and observed by technical comittee that is selected by the board of directors.

Sounds a bit like fascist communism in the sowjet union

More than a poll

If you couldn't be bothered to read the article, glance through this:


+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments


Once again, participating in the "poll" automatically enrolls you as a "delegate" and will disqualify you from being a Republican delegate. It's not a poll but a means to disqualify Ron Paul delegates in the Republican Party nominations.

Thank you

for taking the time to slog through that mess and giving short summaries so we know exactly what they're trying to do. Election fraud by any other name still smells rotten.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

It's a big scam

And another way to take control of which direction the wind will blow.

The only thing that I could find regarding Blue Republican and there role is:

-Change party (in good time and according to your state GOP rules) for 1 year.

-Make it to the caucus and vote or/and step up as a delegate.

-Make it to the state convention if you are voted as delegate.

-Vote for your candidate at Tampa if you can make it to the general convention.

That is all, nothing more or less and changing party will not effect presidential election vote of the Blue Republican, the mentioned process above is only valid for nominating a GOP candidate.

Thanks for posting.

Once I see the name Rothschild, I instinctively associate.....

the word "EVIL" with this organization. This family dynasty has had a major influence on the elective determination of every American President for well over 100 years and perhaps even going back as far as George Washington. The author Webster Tarpley wrote a book a couple of years ago titled "Obama"-- The Rothscilds Choice. it describes the significant influence The House of Rothschild has over American Politics (with their greatest sphere of influence being over the "appointing/annointing" of our President every four years. One President the Rothschilds had a great deal of difficulty influencing during his 8 year term was Andrew Jackson whom once described International Bankers (Describing the Rothschilds of course) as "A den of vipers" whom he shall eventually "rout" them out. Needless to say, we managed to avoid having a Central Bank for most of the 19th century. So Andrew Jackson, much like our current AJ, Ron Paul was not only courageous but consistent in his ideology and lastly a righteous individual of high moral and ethical character. In todays world, such a politician comes along once in a generation (and we would be grateful if it were even that often).

yeah once you see through it its almost easy

to spot who does what with which intentions.
Andrew Jackson another guy who wouldnt accept the AE nomination..assuming....

Let us repeat till we are blue

Let us repeat till we are blue in the face. Do the detractors of this strategy have a superior back up plan (and that is all this is) should RP fail to get the nomination?


Our "superior back up plan" is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be used as pawns for the power elite.

We'll wait and see if we get a brokered convention or not, and then we'll allow Ron Paul, and ONLY Ron Paul, show us what the next move is.


they have not secured ballot access to all states yet..

They are on almost half the State ballots already

and are confident that by August they will be on all 50. There is serious money behind this and we better find out the plan to stop it either by getting Paul the nomination or using the dedicated army of supporters we have at our disposal to elect the worst candidate on AE that no one would ever actually vote for.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

If they wont be on all of the

If they wont be on all of the ballots until Aug., then how will they hold a convention for the nomination since, "with such convention to begin no earlier than April 1 and to adjourn no later than June 30 of such year;" I suppose they wont hold a convention. It would be starting off on a bad foot if it was to nominate someone without holding a nominating convention.

they are certainly setting up huntsman

and there was some news article about it in relation to a Lady rothschild interview.

and its not serious money ;) its fiat money ;)

Nah I think it's really

Buddy Roemer or maybe the dunkin donut poster boy Chris Christie.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

option two might make sense..

still Im not sure if this might prevent you from engaging/voting for any other candidate?

couldnt find something about it in their rules but maybe the GOP rules will prevent that.

anyone knows something definite?

It seemed that registering their when you are already a delegate for the gop you risk losing that position. Even if we lose only one delegate cause of that it would be a tragedy.....