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"The Youth Vote is a JOKE!"

How many times have we heard that?

"They come to the events, but don't vote." I, as most of you, have watched time and time again as these moderators treat the youth vote as though it were nothing to be taken seriously. They truly think that the youth vote is not even worth talking about and chuckle, under their breath, at the thought of it actually making a difference.

I know, especially with Ron Paul, that we would walk on broken glass for this man and the ideas he stands for. We need to rally the Youth Vote and make the Establishment eat its words as President Paul is sworn into office.

They think you are a joke. It is time to show them that you count, and that looking down on you was, and will be, their downfall!

RON PAUL 2012!

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Is pressures deprivation a

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Is pressures deprivation a

Is pressures deprivation a laughing matter? Well, it definitely tins be as long as you're not belittling someone or out to do someone harm. Facebook jokes Jokes are fun. Everyone knows that. People fib closely all sort of belongings Weight loss should not be exempt. And now, here are some great weight-loss jokes.


in my neck of the woods, the youth have been just about non-existent in getting involved in the Liberty movement.

What we have determined, is they just don't want to do any of the work. Their activity is as Internet activists. They don't participate in helping setup or attending events. If they show at an event, it's not to help but to attend as a bystander, or they just don't show at all. And these are people from the YAL and Youth for Ron Paul.

Our primary is April 24 and now some are jumping on the bandwagon. Over 2009, 10, 11 up until now, nada.

Sad, very sad.

Don't be cruel in judgement

Don't be cruel in judgement of youth. the society made them such a pasive bunch of people. It is mainly not their fault. RP knows it and is trying to waken them up. I have a son aged 16 and know what I'm talking about

I understand. It's frustration on my part.

A lot of frustration from experiencing things from an activist point of work.

My WA Caucus

I had this old guy, probably in his late 50's actually say to me that if Ron Paul is the nominee, he wouldn't vote. I gave him a piece of my mind and pointed him down the road to the democratic caucus (he was a Gingrich supporter). He was so close minded I couldn't believe it, actually preferring that the country crumbles just pissed me off. Now, I'm not an old guy, but I'm not young either, my 18-30 years old was at least a decade ago. The older folks are tied to TV, they don't use computers, all they get is the 6pm news that tells them who to vote for. And, we all know whom the 6pm news never covers.

Sure, we vote.

But, the fact of the matter is, even if every registered Republican between the ages of 18-30 voted for Ron Paul (which they don't), Ron Paul still wouldn't get 25% of the overall Republican vote. It's great we're winning this demographic, but we need to find a way to get a larger piece of the 30-50 yr. old pie.

When the boomers were young

When the boomers were young they chanted, "Don't trust anyone over 30!" Now they croak, "Don't trust anyone under 30!" Hee, hee.


They may not be reliably getting out to vote - often the first time they're eligible.

But the ones that do get out seem to be a big chunk of the people becoming delegates in the caucus states and taking over the GOP machinery.

So I'm not knocking them at all. Damn, I wish we could have gotten that much EFFECTIVE action going back in the '60s.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

The youth vote is reliably

The youth vote is reliably unreliable. It's amazed me that we can pull 2,000 plus to a college rally and not get them to turn out a few days latter at the caucus. The rally in Kansas had a couple thousand and only a couple hundred total showed up at the caucus.

"They come to the events, but

"They come to the events, but don't vote."

They voted in New Hampshire. It was hard to get some of them to vote because it was winter break in NH.
12% of NH voters were between 18-29 years old. 46% of those voters voted for Ron Paul.
Only 10% of NH voters were between 30-39 years old. They still voted for Ron Paul, though. He was first with that group at 35% of the vote out of the 30 candidates in the NH Republican Primary.

If college was happening in NH we could have bussed people from the colleges to the polls all day and maybe the youth would have made up 15% of the voters or 50% higher than the amount of voters the 30-39 year old people represented.

If the youth don't vote for Ron Paul where you live, maybe you want to look at why liberty isn't popular where you live or how your locals leaders could have done a better job with the campaign.

Live Free or Die!

Young or not...when someone

goes to a rally (or two) and sometimes types: "Ron Paul 2012" but fails to register (or simply fails to vote) then they are a joke unfortunately.
Don't be a joke! VOTE!

It was the youth who founded

It was the youth who founded this great country, and its going to take the youth to restore it.

Do they know how?

Does anybody teach the "youth voters" that they need to register and all that crap, and actually show up to cast a ballot (or get a mail-in one)? Or are the "youth" just wandering around in a fog, thinking that just showing up makes a difference? (Well, just showing up is good press, but still! - )

But I'm as baffled as the next guy as to why when 2,000 supporters show up, The Good Doctor gets like 3 votes. If there's actual fraud going on, shouldn't we be prosecuting it?

Freedom is my Worship Word!

If there's actual fraud going on...

And I quote you:

If there's actual fraud going on, shouldn't we be prosecuting it?

Look into it: YES.

"Shouldn't we be prosecuting it?"

Absolutely, but it is BEST to Prevent It In The First Place!

In my book that is Priority #1. Just my opinion.

As for this: "Does anybody teach the "youth voters" that they need to register and all that crap, and actually show up to cast a ballot (or get a mail-in one)? Or are the "youth" just wandering around in a fog, thinking that just showing up makes a difference? (Well, just showing up is good press, but still! - )"

I am sure there is much truth to that as well (...people who have never voted and don't know how to go about it).

Those of you on Facebook and Tweeter: Please remind everyone about that.

Wisdom Strategies

Truthbearer's picture

Rise up!

And make a difference.

It is cool to vote and make your voice known now!

Make a conscious effort to be the change you want to see in your futures. What you the youth do today, will definitely effect you ALL tomorrow.


Make this voting thing more important that your ipod or facebook page. Make this voting for Ron Paul more important that going out of Friday night to party and get drunk. Make this voting thing more important than your schooling, because if you have no country, no freedom, no liberty, or a constitution any more, you have no future, and all that schooling you do will not matter at all as you scratch and scrape to find something to eat all day under a police state of martial law.

This is the real reason you all MUST get off your collective duffs and go make a difference. The immediate future depends on you now. Does that mean anything to you? There are so many more youngsters out there, especially in Cali that far far out number all these old past world mind-controlled cnn/fox digital TV watching generations of foolish slaves to babylon.

It is like letting these old men and women of the old establishment be better and faster than you all are. Beaten by TV watching old people that are too brainwashed or closed minded to give the future a chance. They are as dense as a brick wall watching in-sa-hanity and oreally on the nightly church of digital TV.

YOU ALL are smarter than this. You all do NOT watch the mind control TV or listen to the conditioning programming to be perfect lemmings, and that is your one advantage. In today's America, the dis-ease of apathy runs rampant and only you the youth of America can change that for reals! If you do not change it now, it will change you later. You will not like having your freedom, liberty, rights, ipods, facebooks, beer, bikes, cigarettes, drugs, skateboards, girl/boyfriends, cars, computers, and free lifestyles taken away from you. Fight now, or lose it all later.

Cold hard shock comes overnight like the inside job of 9/11 did. In war, people really bleed and die in front of your face. How many of you have seen someone you really love and care about get horribly killed in front of your face? It is coming to your neighborhoods if you do not stop the beast NOW! Do you all really want that to happen? Do you want to see foreign soldiers taking your friends and families to fema camps for just wanting to be a free American? Raping and killing will happen on a scale never imagined because this is what is being set up for YOUR future unless you just do as they tell you to. Just say NO! VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!

Do your homework, See where the train is heading. You all are smart enough to read the writing on the wall. Do not let the babylonians take your futures like this over night. You want to say, YOU did your best to save YOUR OWN futures in a peaceful way, before you had to use your liberty tools to save it another way. United and strong, you the youngsters of America can and will make a difference in the outcome of this election if you want to.

Please...shat...or get off the pot!


California College & University Students: MAKE HISTORY!

California College and University Students are in a position to make The World Take Notice. Come on, California! Shine On!


Wisdom Strategies


I never believed that.

Are ALL young people who turn up at rallies voting?

I am certain not 100%, but I am certain a VAST MAJORITY are (...and not only young people).

We must find a way to have those Die-Bold Memory Cards TESTED ON SITE by Independent Computer Programmers before ANY VOTE is cast on a voting day.

Someone needs to get on TOP of this A.S.A.P. - and EVERY Ron Paul Meet-Up Group and Precinct must have a Serious Attorney on Board ready to challenge and prosecute Election Fraud.

In my book, THIS is Priority #1.

Wisdom Strategies

Sent the whole lot to the recycler's as scrap

Each precinct is about 1500 to 2500 eligible voters, established by Census.

There were about 550 votes in my precinct for the presidential nomination just passed.

Even with 100% participation how long would it take to hand count 2000 ballots then double check the count all on video.

Can government be trusted to count your votes as cast? The GOP's ability to count is suspect.

Free includes debt-free!

Liberty is Not an Age Thing.

I'm 63 and want liberty. When I was 18 I wanted it too. I never really cared for someone else dictating everything for me and, if I'm judging this correctly, we now have many more people with many more rules forcing them on everyone and charging a very high price for that service.

Here's the way I see it. If the federal government tried to market their services at half their current price on the open market they'd fail in 24 hours. What's more, if they did it the way they do it now in the private sector they'd all be in jail.

That you want it and are willing to do the work is wonderful. Keep at it and keep promoting it.

P.S. It seems that an opportunity to change our government doesn't come along all that often so I hope your are successful this time around.

You guys are the future of

You guys are the future of this movement. The fact that you are paying attention to current events and making a stand shows that this movement will continue on. There is no stopping the message. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for looking for better ways to handle our future.

Keep the fire of Freedom alive!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

As someone in

her sixties, I have been so impressed by the interest, knowledge and enthusiasm of today's young people.
Coming from the turn on and tune out decade of the mid to late 1960s/early 70s, I am constantly amazed at what I have seen going on today as opposed to what I witnessed in my youth. While at that time, there was a much needed peace movement as we watched our friends being drafted into the Viet Nam war, there was also the negative of many who chose to use that time to be disinterested and to merely exist.
I grew up in southern California and I remember that era as an ugly time in my life. While I was lucky enough to be independent minded and therefore never pulled into that mentality, watching people I once respected become so disengaged was very sad.
Today when I see how many young people are paying attention, taking it upon themselves to know the facts and speaking out as they become educated on the important issues of the country, I am filled with pride for them and for our future as a nation. A huge thank you to all of them for their part in fighting for liberty.

I'm a sixties person and had a completely different experience..

My friends and I were deeply involved in politics and not just the peace movement. We worked for freedom and individual rights and many ended up in jail for it. 1968 was the beginning of the end of the existng Democratic Party. The takeover was from the left and reached its apex in 2008 with the election of Obama. Unfortunately, the "revolution" was taken over by socialists and Marxists, so many dropped out.

However, it really wasn't until 1970, after Kent State, that many activists dropped out of politics and went back to the land. But, they remained active members of their communities and continued to be involved in local issues. I was from the midwest and later lived in the Northeast, so maybe that was a factor, because the northeast is where many people homesteaded and they are the people, with their children and grandchildren, that carried northern NH and much of Maine for Dr.Paul

That's interesting,

thank you for posting about your experience of that era and thank you also for still being involved especially now when we have a chance to have someone like Dr. Paul as president. As you mention it may have had something to do with what part of the country we lived in at that time in history. The beach towns in southern California at that time were already pretty laid back and for whatever reason many people became even more so once that era came around. In some (mostly unimportant) ways, southern California was known for being an influence on the rest of the country but in the area I was from and in the most important ways such as political, not so much. Thank you again for posting and kudos to you for your lifetime in activism!

Thank you...

for YOUR vote, don't let the title fool ya, ALL votes are important, and again I, and all of us here thank you!!!

Tyranny's best friend is Liberty not served.

Younth turned out in my State & We Swept My District Caucus, &

the chair. 70% of the people there for Ron Paul were 35 years & younger. When the delegates gave their speeches, for santorum, gingrich & romney, they were soulless speeches filled with wishful thinking and outright disillusionment concerning their candidates, also filled with one liner republican platitudes about "anyone but Obama". They were also heavily played towards Paul supporters trying to sway them to compromise principles to replace Obama, informing the crowd, "we must support whoever is the nominee". (To which I internally chuckled ' YES-if it is Ron Paul'). The Ron Paul delegate speeches were solid, filled with character & concern- for where this country is heading. No one liners about simply replacing democrat w/ a republican, but, rather replacing those from both parties who have a history of thwarting the constitution & our bill of rights with those who can be trusted to protect those principles that made us a great nation. One younger Paul delegate candidly proclaimed "I am a father & a husband. Our country is 16 trillion dollars in debt, we have a massive expansion of our military escapades abroad & we are broke, we have 40,000 new laws on the books THIS YEAR, & every election we hear the politicians talk about how they are going to straighten everything out. And every post election, things keep getting worse. (Pause as if to say 'for this reason & many more') I support Ron Paul for President." Nearly all the speeches given that day were by passionate Paul supporters...you know, the people who actually believe in & desire & genuine return to constitutional principles.

james williams


That is the POWER of the Youth vote, way to go!!!! :)

Tyranny's best friend is Liberty not served.

There were and are many

5 years ago that thought that Ron and this movement was fringe and would die quickly..There is only one place that blame can be put if we want to point to one thing that has really held the campaign back. It has been and always will be the Main Stream Media. lol, I mean really folks, Does anyone truly think that if tomorrow the media all of a sudden started pushing Ron as much as any other candidate that he wouldn't be dominating? The MSM over the years has spent a lot of time and money on perfecting advertising and marketing. Actually studies show that there is more money spent in advertising than actually on the development of the product itself. Which should be blatantly obvious with the shabby reporting from the mainstream. Just like the argument that guns don't kill people, people kill people. The TV and broadcast media is not the problem, those that control 85% are. TV is still an incredible medium for the exchange of information. When the people can balance the content and control of the TV we will see a much different world. If the youth really want to take a stand, take back some of the market share of Broadcast media.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

To accomplish what you are

To accomplish what you are suggesting, we need to abolish the FCC; and I couldn't agree more.

Yes that is one way

Another is to use the same enthusiasm that has driven supporters to become delegates and act locally to also start taking over the local meetings in their area where and when the leases are renewed and start refusing to renew the lease on the public airwaves to the Big media corps. We have become pretty good at using their own rules against them. As far as the FCC goes, until it could be abolished it would be nice to at least get some Liberty leaning blood in that office to try and overturn the 1996 telecommunications act and break up some of the monopolies to open up the market. Although I prefer people acting locally and just refusing to renew leases because of poor content and biased coverage.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"