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Any good documentaries on the fall of the Soviet Union?

Anyone seen any good documentaries on the fall of the Soviet Union? I'd like to learn more.

Especially how it affected the average person as well as their currency. Chances are, when we collapse, there will be a lot of similarities...plus I just don't know a whole lot about how it transpired.

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Here are a few videos...

I watched this presentation by Yuri Maltsev a while ago. In it he recommends a documentary but I don't remember the name of it. In the comments below, Paul_S says it's called "The Soviet Story."

What Soviet Agriculture Teaches Us - Video at Mises.org

The Soviet Story - Trailer
The Soviet Story - Full documentary

You might also want to check into what happened in Argentina.

Argentina's Economic Collapse
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

Argentina's Economic Collapse - Google video

You can refer to the post below for another video talking on Argentina’s collapse.

Global Financial Collapse - Experience from Argentina

What fall?

There are those (and I agree with them) that no fall of the Soviet Union ever happened. The alleged collapse was part of a very long range plan.

You might want to read Anatoli Golitsyn's books New Lies For Old and The Perestroika Deception. In New Lies For Old, which came out in 1984, he "predicted" the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, which happened 5 years later.

You might also read this http://www.newswithviews.com/Stang/alan63.htm

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul


It is always interesting to note the financial and monetary tsunamis the evening the communists take over. Sleeping in the next day after the celebrations is not a wise idea imo. :O



Dimitry Orlov

Having traveled to the former USSR many times, as well as having been in 3rd world countries. I can say that he speaks with authority. He is very knowledgeable and observant. He puts things in perspective and easy to understand terms.

start with this page

and check out his blog

Mr. Orlov's book on this

Mr. Orlov's book "Reinventing Collapse" is a excellent read on this subject. It gives the common persons experience of the collapse in the USSR and then he surmises what similar and dissimilar things might happen here.


It is always interesting to note the financial tsunamis the evening the communists take over. Sleeping in the next day after the celebrations is not a wise idea imo. :O



It's classified

I like your idea and I'd like to know too.
I do know that the number of men killed in Afghanistan was never officially published, I think it's still classified.

I have heard that the banks basically closed down and when they opened up...days later, that 20,000 rubles were worth 200 rubles or whatever the banks decided. So, I expect that to happen here too.
If you "think" you have $200,000 in the bank, well expect it to become $20,000 overnight, or maybe only $2,000 when the collapse comes.

Precious metals were the sought after commodity when the collapse was going on. The fall was a shock for the common people, those retired thought they were going to have something, they actually ended up living on the equivalent of approx. $20.00 USD a MONTH...Yes, a MONTH.
Today, it's very common to see many old women looking for handouts in the major cities. Most former Soviets don't like to talk about it, as they are (like Americans) a very proud people.
This is the reason many East-Europeans have immigrated to America since, and continue today. They are simply looking for a better future for themselves and their children.
They were fed the same B.S. Americans were fed during the Cold War...The other side is evil and is preparing to bomb the crapola out of you. They were especially fearful when Ronald Reagan became President, Many built their Survival shelters expecting us to bomb them to kingdom come any day.
I sure hope Nukes never fly between us and them, BUT feel confident they would fare much better than us...They prepared for it, practiced it, and have some experience with it (Chernobyl). We don't have public shelters anymore like we did during the Cold War era. Our (run for the hills and dig a hole) policy won't work when implemented, for many reasons.

Today, It looks like America and the former Soviet states have passed each other going in opposite directions.
We are losing our freedoms and they have actually gained some.
The dollar will collapse and this is what Dr. Paul is trying to prevent.
I hope and pray we are successful in getting him elected President.

This is exactly what I want

This is exactly what I want to find out about. How did you come about all this information? Just curious research?

It would be a great documentary to interview the people who went through this process.

Columbus, Ohio

Mostly from my wife

My wife is Ukrainian...and she told me what her family had to go through. In High School she had to learn how to take apart and put back together an AK47, Try that in American schools. When the collapse took place, her parents were retired and it was not a pleasurable experience for them.
I too was suspecious about the USSR's collapse, until I spoke with a few Ukrainians. They are all glad to be separate from the Russians. There are subtle differences between each of the states, and they seem very happy to be apart. I believe the collapse was real. Will they eventually get back together? Who knows? I can't predict the future, but if the economic situation worsens throughout the world, I guess it could happen. Some will always remiss about the (good old days) glory days of their once great empire. I believe Putin is very capable of making this happen, he is cut from the old KGB. The Russians control practically all of Ukraine's oil, which is worrisome. I am glad you enjoyed what little I know. From what I saw, I know their culture is better prepared than Americans are for when SHTF. Recall their "orange revolution" a few years back, this is an example of how they came together for a peaceful purpose, strangers taking care of strangers, which also occurs here in America during natural disasters. However, they have community water wells as a backup for when the system goes down. What do we have? FEMA.
Growing up during the Cold War made me naturally fearful of anything Russian. Sadly, I am much more fearful of our government than I am of an invasion from Russia or China.
Especially with NDAA and the Patriot Act on the books.

My favorite: People's History

My favorite: People's History of the Soviet Union.

Requiem for Marx

In one of his lectures he highly recommends a documentary

Free includes debt-free!

Yuri was recommending The Soviet Story


Free includes debt-free!


His lecture is very good.

Have you seen..

"The Bloody History Of Communism"? It's in the history section on Youtubedocumentaries.com.There is also one there on Ron Paul.


"The Soviet Story." by Edvins Snore.

Or watch, "The Singing Revolution," which details the history and unraveling of Soviet rule in Estonia. An amazing film.

Didn't he give a speech on

Didn't he give a speech on this subject? Is this the same guy?

Columbus, Ohio

Here's a fora.tv

Here's a fora.tv speech:


Columbus, Ohio