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We should create a billboard super pac

Anyone know how to create a super pac?

Wouldn't it be sick to make a billboard super pac that is devoted to buying Ron Paul billboards all across the country?

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I'm expecting a billboard design to go live on April 9th in Indiana. A grassroots group there has chipped in to pay for a 12foot high by 25foot wide board using this design:


It will be an old fashioned "paper" billboard, not the more modern "vinyl" billboard.

I have looked into creating a PAC or SuperPAC to fund billboard in support of Ron Paul. When one is a volunteer for the campaign, at any level, there are legal questions, Federal Election Commissions stipulations, which inhibit or limit one's ability to create a PAC.

So my efforts at http://www.ronpaulbillboards.com and http://www.facebook.com/RonPaulBillboards are limited to providing consultation, effective design that meets or exceeds industry standard best practices for billboard and digital billboard design, and other support services.

My concern is that billboard design for Ron Paul in general is effective only when it is representative of the many millions of dollars and the work those grassroots donations to the campaign has done to date to promote the national campaign.

I see some efforts in design and billboard projects to brand Ron Paul and his campaign without any regard for the efforts of the national campaign and that troubles me greatly.

To utilize the existing media footprint of the Ron Paul campaign is essential in leveraging what has already come rather than recreating a brand for the campaign, which is very damaging to the media efforts of the campaign.

I continue to hold top google rankings for searches on "Ron Paul Billboard" and "Ron Paul Billboards" in an effort to provide parties with effective designs that support, augment and honor the work the national campaign has done to date, with all of those small donations.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Yes it would!

our meetup group was just talking about how awesome it would be to be able to buy billboards!

Where is your meet up group?

Where is your meet up group?

They cost like 1,000 a month, we could set one up somewhere if we get enough people interested. We could have a dailypaul billboard in a state like California.