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Nascar is in Texas (Fort Worth) on April 14 Let's go! Why not?

Maybe its not such a good idea, but I think if somehow Paul could make an appearance similar to what Romney did it would help him get some media attention. Alot of Nascar fans are evangelicals and conservative...I think instead of shying away from the type of people that like Santorum more, he should instead show interest in what they like, maybe they would see him differently...It's great to have big rallies of "fans" but we need to go to places where we are less liked and change people's minds. Best of both worlds.

What does everyone think, and would it be possible for him to be present?

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hey maybe willard is there too

with some of his rich team owner friends :D


5 million watch the average race!!

If that isn't good exposure I don't know what is


Self-bump I want to see if anyone can contact the campaign with this suggestion...?