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underhanded stuff going on in Tacoma Wa. You Gotta see and hear this!

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What the guy said about the 08 state convention is a lie

I was there.Their people walked out long after the delegates had already been selected.This whole video makes me sick to
my stomach.We are in for a hell of a fight!

Underhanded Stuff there!

That is some Underhanded stuff, trying to simplify the issue so you can trick people into voting against there own interests!

I always

wonder what makes 'us' so different to 'them'.... LOL....
I work... they do too, I support my candidate... they do too. I do diligence... and educate myself..... oops... they don't.


The nerve

How dare we support someone who is not bought and
paid for!

That's it!

That's it!