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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/26/12: Stop the Fed's Covert Bailout of Europe

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CFTC Pulls Public Comments from JP Morgan Whistle-blower: “We Are Fearful of a Cascading Credit Event; Wide-Scale Market Collapse”



Living in Europe as I do I have a slightly different perspective on these bailouts. I think the European countries that got these bailouts from the fed are now brought and paid for. That is to say they are even more owned by the fed than they were before.


Of course.

That's the purpose of the bail-out or loan.

And in the end, the bankers claim ownership.

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Thanks for posting.

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Ron Paul...You Are The Sh#t

We are going all the way Ron...and we are going to raise over 1 Million for ya before the day is up..

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yup, all the way.

And, most importantly, we will fortify our PSYCHE to withstand another "9/11 + anthrax" false-flag spectacles. We will safeguard the liberty of our souls, bodies and minds.