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WA GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul Delegates

The GOP has no shame.

Election fraud has occurred in every state in the union, but what may be the worst case yet happened on Saturday in Washington State as GOP party ‘officials’ openly attempted to exclude Ron Paul delegates from participating in the 2nd District’s Convention.



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"WA GOP on hidden

"WA GOP on hidden camera..."


Alex Hayes, Leader of Mainstream Republicans of Washington

You can be sure that EVERYONE on his slate was a member of "Mainstream Republicans of Washington".

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Like others who commented

below, I was thinking that they were doing exactly what we are doing. But after reading the examiner report, I realized its NOT the same.
This guy is a political hack working FOR the 3 Stooges against Ron Paul whereas we are grassroots willing to cut deals with other grassroots to ensure our guy gets delegates. He's akin to a paid assassin. He wasn't cutting any deals - he was telling people what they have to do. This is very different than trying to persuade someone to see the light.
I'm not sure if you can it fraud, but it certainly is unethical to remove the people's choice and voice by setting up what the establish wants the outcome to be.

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The real problem is the GOP itself.

They are Ron Paul's worst enemy. Not the media. The media just goes along for the ride according to GOP wishes. The GOP is now like a vampire that can't stand the light of a real honest government no more than Democrats. It's all about who control the money and gets to spend on their pet projects. Ron Paul is the only one who will spoil their game in Washington. On one hand people should rally to the Paul cause, but you look at the silly folks who blindly follow the media's leader board. Part of the reason is that about 50% of the population now recieves a government check each month for something or another. It's going to be hard to get them to bite the hand that feeds them.

alan laney

"They are Ron Paul's worst enemy. Not the media...."

they are one in the same - things will make a lot more sense to you once you come to this basic realization.

dem=rep=govt=media=megacorps - it's all one monolith

The good news is...

Well, there's nothing wrong with what he's doing. It's the same thing the Ron Paul supporters try to do. What's interesting is that they'd think to band together to try to defeat Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is SUPPOSEDLY losing, right? He's supposedly in last place! So it makes no political sense whatsoever for the supposed top three candidates to band together to defeat the #4 candidate.

My takeaway from this is that Ron Paul must be doing very well indeed in order for this to take place. You would expect the bottom three candidates to band together against the top candidate.

It apparently turned out well as the slate sent to the state included 15 Paul, 15 Santorum, and 1 Romney delegate.

This is NOT election fraud.

This is NOT election fraud. They are following the rules. THEY succeeded in doing EXACTLY the same thing the RP supporters were trying to do; take over the convention, institute their own rules, and present a Ron Paul Slate to be voted on. They are instead taking over the convention, instituting their own rules, and presenting a UNIFIED SLATE to be voted upon. They appear to have done it all according to the rules. This is simply a case of where THEY had more votes than WE had. Just as he stated in the video, had WE had more supporters it would have been a very different convention. This is how its done and, unfortunately, we lost this convention because THEY had more people than WE did.

They are (appear to be from this video) following the rules and instituting a strategy to beat Ron Paul. They are beginning to recognize that together (supporters of Romney, Santorum, Gingrich) they can beat out Ron Paul, but divided they don't stand a chance. Their goal here is not to support any one candidate, but instead to defeat ONE candidate. And they appear to be doing by the rules, EXACTLY the same way that WE are attempting to beat them.

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I am not sure but I don't think I agree..here's why:

The GOP itself is supposed to provide a platform for candidates to work within. Theoretically the platform should be fair and each candidate's people would collaborate with other candidates' people if and when they were inclined to do so.

It does not appear to me that that is what is going on here. The committee is not providing a fair platform. The committee itself is being unfair and rigging things. That's the diff. (I think!)


The GOP does not make the GOP

The GOP does not make the GOP platform. Convention delegates at each level of convention make the platform. Making the GOP platform is a part of convention business. The committee did not rig anything. As he states in the video, they are not forcing anyone to vote on the slate. The platform is voted upon. They are PRESENTING a slate. The delegates then vote upon it. He is merely caucusing for support in the video.

This is the proper way it is done.

Despite his strategy, we did not get beat. Ron Paul got almost 1/2 of the total delegates.

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I meant "environment" or another word I might have used could

be "situation"...how's that.

In other words.....the GOP sets up the room and turns on the lights and says, "go". The GOP does not referee discussions between or among candidates.

The GOP is only there to: turn on the lights, provide an environment for the caucus to run. The chairman is there to run it and the people in the caucus are there to participate in the environment set up using Robert's Rules and so forth.


When you say the GOP, the GOP

When you say the GOP, the GOP is those who come and participate. If you go to convention, then YOU are GOP. YOU can become the chairman. The guy in the video is no more "GOP" than you are. The chairman has every right to participate as anyone else present, including forming alliances and heading them up. ANY participant at the convention can do that. The "GOP" is us, not there just to flip on the lights. The "GOP" is there to participate.

The chairman is NOT the GOP. He is a participant in the convention, with additional duties. He has just as much right to vote and make/form alliances as does anyone else present.

The man in the video is not even the GOP chairman He is the "leader of "Mainstream Republicans of Washington""

This video presents NO rules violations. It presents a glimpse of what goes on at a convention, and what is going on here is not uncommon. Ron Paul delegates have used the same strategy to come out with SOME delegates instead of ZERO delegates. It does NOT violate the rules, nor is it a violation for what you call the "GOP", which is in fact a participant in the convention, to form alliances to defeat a single candidate.

If Karl Marx was running for Republican nomination against 3 other candidates, and Marx had 40%, the other 3 had 30% each...would you not see that forming an alliance between the other 3 would be the only way to beat him. You would want the rules made that would PREVENT us from stopping Karl Marx???

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I give up. You have misinterpreted my question twice.

Not worth it. I'll look it up elsewhere!!

Oh--good luck.


Didn't see a question

Didn't see a question anywhere.

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Keep trying....

and best of luck to you.


Questions end with question

Questions end with question marks. Do you see any question marks in your comments?

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No.....................have you heard of



Then leave GOP is you want to keep complaining and

take no action. I have yet to see anyone fight or standup to the fraud that has been going on. Just more and more complaints along with a love/desire to stick to romney-gop.


Such a sad time in America...

Who the fuck does this guy think he is and who are the zombies taking orders from him? So basically, if you're a party insider and have spent your free time perpetuating the Republicrats talking points such as worthless money, perpetual wars, one form of big government versus another, well then you're the one that gets to vote.

I used to hope the Republican Party could be saved. I say at this point, I hope it goes into the ash bin of history. The Republicans are no betters than the Dems, it's an insiders game of a bunch of chasing the Jones' type people and exclusive club types.

That's not fraud.

They're scheming to put together a majority to keep us from getting delegates. That's the name of the game - we do it too. No fraud required.

...don't get me wrong, they're a bunch of dirty, rotten SOBs, who would happily have us all hauled off to Gitmo if they could, but in this particular case, they are doing nothing wrong.

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Doesn't get anymore blatant than that

good god.