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Local Nevada TV News Discusses Ron Paul Domination of Clark County Convention

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Playing by the "rules"

"Will Ron Paul supporters play by the rules and vote for Mitt Romney?"

I didn't know that voting for Mitt Romney was in the rules...

What am I missing?

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


That's it. I'm in.

I'm going to burrow into the GOP and change that beast from the inside out. Done.


P.S. ... I'm gonna rock the suit/no tie thing, as that seems to be the official uniform of the state level RP supporters. I'm totally down. Lets hear it for neck freedom! ;)

The host is an @ss. He really

The host is an @ss. He really looked like a jerk when he went on about the conspiracy thing. The guests looked professional and reasonable.

Ralston sounds like he did a

Ralston sounds like he did a couple lines of cocaine before the interview.

That is really awesome.


Nevada's 2008 Election

Can someone educate me a little further on what happened in Nevada in 2008?

Thoughts, feelings, concerns...


It was just like they said.

It was just like they said. Ron was getting most of the delegates and the head people just freaked out and closed down the whole caucus, shut the lights off, lost the ballots, then later presented their own slates of delegates. Even people (some) who were not for Ron were simply appalled at the lack of parliamentary procedure and obvious corruption. Sue Lowden, who at the time was a real "big wig" in the party fell into obscurity and the chair was kicked out. There were some incredible (good) changes made because 2008 was a fiasco. Some supporters even sued, but the judge through out the suit. There were many videos of the event and you can still find them around.
Today, with these people elected, I would be so proud to be a member of that Republican party.

We just released a statement

We just released a statement criticizing GOP officials for raising taxes


Great interview by these two,

Great interview by these two, I'm proud to be part of the movement with them. But even if you cannot be in a county that, has Paul supporters en masse, you CAN do something to MASSIVELY help the campaign, without spending a dime. Please take a quick moment to look into this plan here:


"RON-Y 2012"

Amazing professional job

Way to go, Zaira and Carl! They handled this with diplomacy and class.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Definitely. Really impressed

Definitely. Really impressed with them both.

Ralston thinks Ron Paul's

Ralston thinks Ron Paul's supporters are nuts. Seriously. I saw him interview Dr. Paul and he didn't quite understand everything Paul said but then again, not everyone does. About two weeks later, I read an article where all he could say about Ron Paul supporters were they were nuts (don't remember what his real feelings about Dr. Paul were). He had not one good word to say about Paul's issues nor his supporters. So hearing the little "jabs" in this interview about taking over the convention, coup, etc. were not surprising but he did well to hold what he really feels in. Glad to see the Paul supporters were more normal than Ralston. Nice to see honesty and integrity coming back to some political fronts.

Ralston is a hack

Want to be Rachel Maddow

Thank Your for the Support

Thank you to everyone who has commented with support. The movement really is about staying engaged and working hard.


The reason we are doing well here in Nevada is because people like Carl and Zaira dug in after 2008 and began the grassroots takeover of the republican party. Without their dedicated, long term commintment and effort, the door for the rest of us who showed up would not be open.

I've been able to help, and we all make a difference, but these two, and a bunch of others as well, were there to tell the rest of us what to do next.

I thank them for having my back when I wasn't involved.

My turn.

Very Professional

Carl and Zaida, you rock. Thank you both for representing Dr. Paul in a way I'm sure he would be proud of.

dave anderson

Carl and Zaira Did A Great Job

Ralston's interview style is to be obnoxious and try to goad the interviewee into saying things they don't want to. Both Carl and Zaira did a great job of answering the questions they wanted to and deflecting the ones they didn't want to.

It's important to note that even though we had been hearing rumors that the Clark County chair would try to unseat the Ron Paul E Board members, that never happened. Possibly because it was never going to happen, or possibly because of the heads up on TV that we were on to them.

As far as vote fraud. There is really not one scintilla of evidence that there was any vote fraud. All we ever heard was unsubstantiated rumors. So, that's a non-starter and counterproductive. In the long run, we expect that we will be the ones doing the counting and ballot collecting, and we'll be doing it very openly and transparently.

The first Central Committee meeting after the convention and after this interview went very well. We elected a majority of the State Central Committee at that time.

So it's on to the state convention with a lot of delegates. It doesn't mean as much as 2008 to have a lot of state delegates because the national delegates are bound by the percentages of the popular vote taken at the caucuses. But as for building the party, we will be sticking around and working both now and after the campaign is over to make this a party of limited government and liberty.

Thanks Bkom

Good analysis and I really appreciate the calm and cool manner in which the campaign is going.

love it - good job

keep bustin' those dams

I love the way it is always a "take over" when RP people show up and are organized. Here it is MSM and GOP - we are sorry that you do not understand how it works ... you need people to show up number one. Then abide by your own rules. Because we will have more delegates in August is good organization. If you want to call it take over fine. If you continue to do corrupt dishonest tactics against RP and his supporters - then there may truly be a take over. (how much can we all take of this unfair process and treatment)?

Great news!

These are exactly the right kind of people doing exactly the right kinds of things.

Dr. Paul sees the big picture.
Dr. Paul sees that we are in a long term struggle.

These patriots in Nevada are doing everything to maximize our victories in the short term AND to set us up for even greater victories in the future.

Congratulations and many thanks!

The Virtual Conspiracy

Very proud...

To have been a part of this Clark County Convention, it was an amazing experience to witness the support that the good Dr. really has. It proved to me after my resolve was weakend by the poor "beauty contest" numbers that those results really don't matter. Keep the faith people, take action, and participate! We can win, but we MUST dominate the delegate game. That is all on us to participate. I can't wait for the State Convention in May! Gonna keep this train rollin! Props to Carl and Zaira for a very respectable interview and a very well organized RP machine here in Clark!

Savvy customer

"You don't believe there is corruption do you? You think it is incompetence and disorganization right?"

"We want to address the organization question first. That's not to say there isn't any other factors. Our job is to fix the process." (paraphrase).

That was a shrewd answer.

Carl has gone out of his way to ignore the issue of corruption and very evident voter fraud. Living out of state and not knowing the full story I suspected he was just playing it cool because he had a delegate coup in the works. I was right. This bloodless coup took the enemy by surprise and showed Mr Bunce to be a savvy customer. Pay attention people, this is what the Ron Paul rEVOLation is all about. Real lasting change! We own the real estate in Clark County and we're going to be changing the landscape.


Lack of Process created the look of Fraud


People were disenfranchised from their opportunity to vote and become delegates due to lack of process and planning, I have no doubt about that but any active fraud the day of the Caucus was not documented. If it was and I actually saw it, then I would have exposed it far and wide. Screaming Voter Fraud when I have not one shred of evidence does not get our movement anywhere.



Posted on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Kudos to Carl Bunce, Zaira Valdovinos

and everyone that turned out for Liberty in Nevada. No matter what manner of corruption the Nevada GOP establishment continues to serve up, Nevada Liberty handles it with class and determination.

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

Both of these interviewees

Both of these interviewees were great. Excellent presentation of their efforts. Savvy responses from both of them helped prevent the interviewer from framing the discussion as a "take-over" of the GOP.

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. -H. G. Wells

Bravo Carl and Zaira

So very proud of the wonderful job you are doing for us Ron Paul supporters in Nevada and for this very level-headed interview. Ralston can be a difficult guy. This is how we win hearts and minds.

youre starting on a low bar???

WTF does that even mean? The entire GOP should watch this and understand why Paul should be the candidate IF they want to win. At this juncture, i do not beleive they do. Continue the bloodless revolution folks!!!


I took it to mean that the previous GOP leaders were either corrupt or incompetent so it wouldn't take much to do a better job than the previous office holders. They set the standards so low on how to run things.

I think he was in a hurry...

and just tried to get one last point across. I think his meaning was that they aren't starting out on a "high-bar", -- they aren't trying to "go big"...they are making changes at the lower levels of the Republican party, which is the smart thing to do. If you aren't making changes at your county level, you are just spinning your wheels. So he was making a statement, I believe, to point out that they are doing just that. These two seem very intelligent, and well spoken, and I didn't see any bias in the reporters questions or attitude. So I don't think this was any kind of insult towards them.