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Ron Paul Has The Support and MUST Stay In!

Ron Paul has the support and MUST stay in! I am finding Democrats who refuse to change party but are committed to voting for Ron Paul in the general election! Some are even talking about writing him in!

Ron! Paul!


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I know it's hard

But we need to reassure these Democrats that they are not committing their life to the GOP by registering as Republicans and that they can easily change their registration back to Democrat after their primary & delegate process. I know in the long run we want to infuse the GOP with long-term liberty supporters but in the short run any temporary boost is crucial. We need to let them know that if they plan on supporting Dr. Paul in November there is absolutely no excuse to not support him in their respective primary processes.

"Loyalty's worth more than wealth...in a world where...people be all for self."

thats so important

we are losing out on many voters.
They need to know that if they dont help him now against all the warmongering candidates in the GOP then they probably wont have the chance to vote for him come presidential election.

Tell them what fun it is to take over the GOP showing the establishment what we are capable of, no matter in which party.


I can say you're right with that! It's incredible taking over the GOP. We're doing it here!

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