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15 of 23 Ron Paul supporters win Parish and State Central Committee seats in Louisiana

The campaign sent out an e-mail with a list of known Ron Paul supporters running for Parish Executive Committee (PEC) and State Central Committee (SCC) in Saturday's election. (these are GOP leadership positions, not public offices)

Of the 23 individuals vying for seats, 15 were elected.

Eight of them were unopposed!!

And in one parish, Calcasieu, where 15 seats are available on the PEC, 9 were contested, and 4 of the 9 went to Ron Paul supporters. That's a hair's breath from a full majority! (and we don't know if the "other" candidates might not be Paul friendly.)

Folks, sometimes, "showing up" really IS all it takes to win.

There were dozens and dozens of seats with NO CANDIDATES, and those seats will remain open. Those positions COULD have been filled with Ron Paul supporters.

This is certainly an area where the campaign should be taking a more coordinated role in recruiting candidates and seeing to it that all seats are contested. Ron Paul supporters could have gained control of entire parishes and ended up with a large plurality on the State Central Committee just by filling uncontested seats.

More opportunity lost.

Don't let this happen in your State!!

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BAM! Yes.


"You snooze,you lose "

Good work people,keep it up,keep it up!Press on soldiers !! "boots on the ground "!! The time is now !!

What does PEC and SCC

have to do with delegates? Nothing - they are just leadership positions?

The PEC is the governing body of the party within a parish.

If there's a caucus to run for example, they are in charge.

The SCC governs the party on a state level. They run the State Convention - which picks the delegates.

They also are among whom the Executive Committee is chosen. These are the people who run the party on a day to day basis and who have the most power in the party.

This is not JUST about delegates. It's also about taking back the GOP for small government and fiscal conservatives.

Serving on the PEC's and the SCC is a huge step towards that. These people are going to serve for the next four years. It will be they who organize and carry out the 2016 cycle caucuses and primaries.

I'm not sure about

I'm not sure about Louisiana's rules, but the PEC and SCC might not have anything to do directly with delegates, however, it's an important move to stop the party leadership's efforts to shut down Ron Paul and his supporters. If the party leadership is made up of RP supporters, the party will become more friendly to RP supporters and shenanigans like Athens, GA will be less likely to happen going forward. So, it might not have a direct effect on things this year, but it will help the liberty cause in the future.


Though I will add, these people take office soon. Before the State convention. So if there were going to be any establishment shenanigans there, having RP people on the PECs and the SCC will help thwart that for THIS cycle as well.

Well, it makes it easier to

Well, it makes it easier to avoid fraud in the case of Paul delegates stepping forward. And don't the 'boardmembers' in some states automatically get delegate status(I'm not certain about that, I just remember hearing something like that)

That would be the chair and the national committee reps

(one male one female)

Other than the Chair, who is a member of the SCC, I don't think any of them will be or will affect delegate selection other than to serve on the LAGOP's governing body and might be able to prevent foul play.