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What is an impeachable offense?

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If history is any proof

it is when someone other than your wife rocks your world.
Minor things like aggressive wars don´t fit in that category.

Ofc aggressive wars was not a problem for the Nazis either until they lost. Then it was.

Blog promoting


Since I have offended your sensibilities, henceforth I shall introduce links to articles on my blog with this: To: ATruepatriot and BigT: Caution: do not clink on the link, for in doing so, you may be (gasp) promoting my blog and worse straining your clicker fingers.

With respect.

Please understand that over the years so many people have come in here and posted links that go to bogus and unrelated sites they own. In no way do I question your integrity or intentions. But there are so many new users and not all of us live here at the site 24-7 to read all of your prior posts and gain trust for your links. A simple show of respect to the community could very well go a long ways towards earning credibility and a basic is to type out just a simple short two line introduction of what we will find when we get to the link. You write so well I am sure this small show of respect is possible unless you do not own a keyboard? Welcome and Thank you for your contributions and mutual and mature respect for the community.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Blog promoting

Perhaps I could make my promotion less "obvious" as you seem to think I should, I could make the hyperlinks backwards or perhaps upside down doing so, you may be (gasp) promoting my blog, e.g., http://poirtpoapeurta

Let me add that I am offended by the promotional tag line in your blog. Please show your appreciation for the Daily Paul and become a premium subscriber today!

Edit: The first paragraph turned out to be nonsensical. It should have read:

Perhaps I could make my promotion less "obvious", as you seem to think I should, I could make the hyperlinks backwards or perhaps upside down, e.g. http://poirtpoapeurta. Since the link goes nowhere, I could not rightly be accused of any promotional intent.

In any case, merely a meager attempt at humor.

The Constitution states that

The Constitution states that even Misdemeanors are impeachable offenses. So, if you want to generalize it, an impeachable offense is basically any violation of the Law. It makes logical sense as well since those who are empowered to enforce the Law upon the rest of us ought to be required, as a condition of their employment, to obey the Law as well.

Another related topic that you might want to blog about is the impeachment process itself. The vast majority of people do not understand what it means to be impeached. Most people do not even know that Bill Clinton was impeached. He was impeached, but was not convicted. Nearly everyone I have ended up in conversations with about this topic say that Clinton was not impeached. The fact is that he was. The House of Representatives voted to impeach him. All that means is that there was enough evidence to warrant a trial in the Senate. The Senate vote was 17 votes short of removing him from office. The way I explain this process to people is that the House of Representatives acts like a grand jury, deciding if there is enough evidence to charge the person. If the House votes that the person should be charged, they are thus impeached (as Clinton was). Then the process moves to the Senate which takes the part of the jury trial and votes on whether or not to convict (Clinton was not convicted). It's sad in a way that even after explaining this process to people many still do not understand and refuse to believe that Clinton was impeached "because he remained in office." And on that note: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_of_Bill_Clinton


John 2K

May I post your comment on my blog?

See here is why...

I respectfully request a short summary of content or I don't even go look. This topic has been hashed over here at the DP endlessly with lessons shared such as the one John2k just shared. Been there read about it many times already. It is very hard to bring something new to the DP that has not been already analyzed in the past with a fine tooth comb. My complaint was not about self promotion as much as it was about repetition of topic without a little teaser showing possible "New" tid bits about an old very discussed topic. As for my tag line,I am giving back to the DP in appreciation for allowing me to come here and learn from intelligent folks like you and John2k.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Sure, I don't mind. Thanks

Sure, I don't mind. Thanks for asking.


I appreciate your participation.

But, do you consistently have to be so obvious that your only reason to be here is to promote your blog, and drag people from this site over to yours?

Big T

Big T: I am sorry you feel that it's such a drag to click the links.

And I wonder how you divined that my "only reason" is to promote my blog. Of course, I like to have people read what I have there, but there is little if any commercial value for me. I have it because I am interested in the subjects treated there which are among the most important issues of our age.

I agree

I don't go if they don't even have the respect to give a simple outline of the article that is linked.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

I try to summarize in the

I try to summarize in the title what one can expect to find. For this last article, there was no good title or simple outline, as I have not the answer to the question I posed.

Also, the formatting I use on the blog doesn't transfer here. I don't want to spend the time inserting HTML tags.

It's very discouraging to read the nitpicking, especially when we are all on the same side.

I like your posts:

For the most part, I enjoy reading them and actually learn something from most of them.
I won't be one here nit-picking about it though.
I can just skip them if I want.
But, with that said, I think I get where some are coming from.
I for one really appreciate the time and effort you must be putting in to your contribution for the advancement of restoring our liberty.
Keep trying to educate.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government


Thank you for the kind words. I shall take them as overriding the grumbling above.