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In 2005, Dr. Paul Also Called Soc. Security A "Ponzi Scheme"

I find his doing so interesting because, in one of the debates where Perry called it a Ponzi scheme, Dr. Paul didn't fully back him up but preferred simply to say that it's "broken."

Maybe Perry was right about one thing.

Anyway, how consistent Dr. Paul is. He could have made this speech yesterday, seven years ago, or twenty years ago.


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"Taking One For The Team"

At the 30:00 mark, he goes into depth how the party leadership blackballs members who don't "take one for the team." He gives specific examples, and it's very discouraging.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Perry failed because his big government roots showed thru his

neo-con hair dye.

He couldn't live down his support for Al Gore, subsidized tuition for illegal immigrants, or forced Gardasil injections for schoolgirls.

Perry Wasn't Right

Well, the point he made was right but it wasn't his point at all. His whole campaign was to try to pretend that he was Ron Paul on economic issues. He was trying to siphon away votes from people who started caring about the issues that Dr. Paul raised awareness of.