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Herman Cain does it again with new ad - whyyyy?

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toothpicks.. K-Mart sucks.

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its not from cain? Its a fake ad? Cain is a comedian and actor?

If not one of these then its really absurd.

I like it.

If he's willing to say the right thing now that he's not a candidate it just might help.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

They did ask for Ideas For their Next Video

Should we bombard them with end the fed requests?

How about the Candidate Comparison Chart?

Fed won't work

Herman Cain was Deputy Chairman/Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank for 4-5 years so I doubt he'd go after his buddies.

Edit: He worked in the Federal Reserve system for 7 years total. He was on the Board of Directors for 4-5 years.

"Loyalty's worth more than wealth...in a world where...people be all for self."

I know

That is exactly why I brought that up.

He is saying he is in favor of changing things, lets see him put his money where his mouth is

thank you for clarifying

I didn't understand that you were getting at that angle. I gotchya now!

"Loyalty's worth more than wealth...in a world where...people be all for self."

I don't know if he'd do it,

I don't know if he'd do it, he always struck me as a "I love the fed" type after his 'my local federal reserve members that I spoke to' comment(or whatever it was, it was in a debate, they were sitting down if that helps. Paul railed him for that comment, XD)

UTUBE removed the video.

Anyone have another link??

Freedom is our ONLY choice.

New link up


Sick of Stimulus? That

Sick of Stimulus?

That asshole supported the stimulus.


That was great. Bizarre but funny.

He is trying to rehabilitate his name...

This is nothing more than a PR stunt to try to gain some control of the Republican Party.

Hey Herman!

Peyote is NOT good for you. STOP!!!

" But I must say tonite that I know that justice is indivisible- injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Man makes no sense...

and I highly doubt he has much of it. He's trying to stay relevent as he is jockeying for a Veep nod or cabinet position from one of the other guys.

Newt has promised to make him HMWIC of the moon colony,

a certain springboard to provisional governor of our 51st state.

I agree

It's what anyone who has 15 minutes of fame does. Palin, Trump and now Cain, all doing whatever they can to still be relevant.

But maybe like the commenter below said, he only 'suspended' his campaign. Maybe he's looking to be relevant come the brokered convention? Only speculation at this point though.


I don't think he actually dropped out yet.
I think I remember him saying that he was "suspending his campaign".
I don't remember hearing that he officially dropped off.

So, who knows what he's got in mind.
He's a bit weird, IMO.

I'm convinced that

Cain is doing all of this "for the lulz", as they say.

There's just no way he can make these ads and not think "I wonder how ridiculous I can be before people finally say 'enough'?"

I mean, he even pulls a trollface at the end of his ads!

Hate to say it, but a (very) small part of me likes him, just because he's so over the top and ridiculous. I'd *never* vote for the man though, unless he has a genuine change of heart/mind.

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