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Romney won't easily wipe away Etch A Sketch image

Thought this was a nice compilation of the electable frontrunner's performance thus far. Could he be more out-of-touch with the common person and running a country, for that matter? His winning the GOP nomination will be a grand gift to the incumbent.

...when it comes to unintended negative political imagery, 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has amassed a treasure chest full of riches lately.

-- Millionaire Romney offered to bet former candidate Rick Perry $10,000 on a point about health care during a presidential debate.

-- He went to the Daytona 500, trying to appear as a regular guy, then bragged that he had friends who were NASCAR team owners.

-- And then there was the revelation that he once made Seamus, his Irish setter, ride 12 hours in a pen on the top of his car - the dog got sick.

Now comes the Etch A Sketch analogy, which won't easily be erased...Even loyal conservatives were horrified at the Etch A Sketch incident..."This is an extension of the problem that Mitt Romney has faced since day one," said GOP strategist Robert Molnar, who advised former California GOP gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner.