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When the Nightmare Started

In a newsletter today from Liberty Legal Foundation were posted these eye-opening facts:

Before Wickard (1942)...

82% of all Federal Agencies did not exist

94% of all Federal regulations did not exist

99.3% of the Tax Code did not exist

99.7% of all Federal Spending did not exist

99.6% of all Federal Debt did not exist

Wickard v. Filburn
"In 1942, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Roscoe Filburn couldn't grow wheat on his own property for his own consumption because the potential "aggregate effect" of his actions would impact the national price of wheat, the Court granted a free pass to Congress to regulate all American activity."

There is a stunning graphic on this page showing the explosion of the federal government since 1942 (under Roosevelt):

Is there a video creator out there who can put together a UTube video on this topic? It would certainly wake up a lot of folks.

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1942 - middle of a World War - rationing everywhere

and the government is telling a farmer he has to limit the amount of wheat he grows for his own consumption.

No wonder Newt loves FDR so much.