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Paul delegates can no longer align with Romney delegates

I just realized:

Unless forming an alliance with Romney delegates is the ONLY way for the Paul campaign to get a majority of delegates from a state, the Paul campaign can no longer afford to form alliances with them.

We cannot forget that unless this Republican primary goes to a brokered convention, then Ron Paul has zero chances of being the nominee. The only person who can gain the nomination outright with a majority of delegates before the convention at this point in time is Romney.

And so rather than squeezing out a couple more delegates for us by aligning with Romney, Paul's campaign needs to squeeze out Romney's delegates in favor of Santorum, even if it does cost us a few. Because every delegate that doesn't go to Romney is another delegate that stops Romney from being awarded the nominee at the convention.

Not sure what else to say from here, but this issue needs to be part of the discussion because this thing could be decided by just a few delegates.

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OK so with the Romney

OK so with the Romney alignment, as long as Paul delegates make up 50%+1 of the state delegation and put up a slate of Paul supporters for the National convention then the slate can pass. So aligning with Romney or Santorum to get delegate slates moved up from the district conventions into the state national convention is the important thing...

Of course aligning with the minorty candidate such that the paul group can get the votes needed to advance a majority Paul slate to the next level is the goal. This is what I see happening at these county/district level conventions. It is successive concentrations of Paul delegates until the state selects an overwhelming majority of paul delegates to the National Convention...

They are going to have to be

They are going to have to be careful that they don't inadvertently give too many to Romney.

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The MSM is doubtful with

The MSM is doubtful with their delegate numbers whether Romney will have enough delegates, so since the real numbers for Romney are probably much lower, I have a feeling that there is no problem there.

From what I've seen on this site the delegate process seems to be under controll. Those running things seem to be quite organized and know what they are doing.

I wouldn't want to start having new delegates to start doubting the leaders because of what is said here.

I know NOTHING about delegate strategy...

so I am NOT about to tell the campaign what to do about that issue. I do understand media and PR. THAT's why I criticize the campaign for its failures to capitalize on Ron Paul's foreign policy and Mitt Romney's contributors.

Lets not talk too much shop

I can tell you that it is a difficult battle and those we face are pros at the system. It is not going to be easy. Every inch counts in this race.

Best advice is that if your state has not voted yet, then do EVERYTHING you can to get people to go in and vote, hook up with your local campaign.

This is not going to be easy, but do not give the opponent an advantage by knowing anything we are up to.

I'm going with what Paul says

This doesn't sound right. Ron Paul says he can win. Why are you stating otherwise? I'm going with what Paul says. I don't know this part of the process so I'm only going to go with the Campaign says.

What do you mean?

'Why am i stating otherwise?'

I'm not stating otherwise. Ron Paul can win, but even Ron Paul knows he cannot win the nomination before the convention. He is relying on a brokered convention. That's his only chance.

Put it this way, Ron Paul would need around 80% of the remaining delegates in order to gain this nomination outright. That would literally mean that he would have to win every winner takes all primary from here on and get a significant portion in the proportional states. Do you really think that is feasible? It's not.

That is why on Leno he spoke about how the bound delegates (who are bound from a state's primary contest) are no longer bound after the first voting round. And if a candidate does not have more than 50% of delegates in that voting round, it goes to the next round and we are in a brokered convention until someone gets 51% of delegates voting for him. That is the campaign's strategy: to try and gain the nomination from a brokered convention.

So it is this simple....

Unless it is clear that Paul will get a plurality of the delegates, help Santorum.

It all depends on the county and state...

In some of the states that Santorum won, Paul's delegates are more likely to align with Romney's delegates. In states were Romney won they are more likely to align with Santorum's delegates.

And in some states like Iowa and Washington, Paul's delegates are trying to fight off an alignment between Romney's delegates and Santorum's delegates.

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It does make more sense

It does make more sense in general for Santorum and Paul camps to work together, if necessary, to ensure that Romney gets as few delegates as possible.

However, as stated above, that is not always true. The ideal is for Paul to get a majority, then we don't have to work with anyone. If that is not possible, then we HAVE to work with someone in order to get our delegates. If Romney has significantly less delegates than Santorum, then it makes sense to work with Romney, as then Paul gets a larger share.

But you both missed my point

Romney is on his way marching to the convention at this point in time.

What does it matter if Ron Paul gets a larger share of the delegates in a state if Romney wins the nomination before the convention? i.e. the amount of delegates any other candidate has is pointless if Romney has over 50% of the delegates come Tampa.

My point is that this race is going to be tight and if Romney wins the nomination, it could be by the smallest of margins - maybe even only a few delegates.

So any delegate that doesn't go to Romney is a delegate that helps bring about a brokered convention, which is what we *need*. And this is why we cannot align with Romney delegates because if he gains a majority come Tampa, our delegates will not matter.

The brokered convention is the only chance for Paul (and Gingrich and Santorum).

As Paul said, our aim is to get passed the first round of voting in Tampa from which those bound candidates are no longer bound. We only need a plurality in 5 states in order to be there.

And i'm saying if we get those pluralities, then maybe losing a few delegates by aligining with Santorum isn't so bad because a delegate not for Romney is a delegate for a brokered convention.

I understood

I understood your point, but I don't think Romney is going to reach the magic 1144 by any means. My only worry is that the MSM has enough power to discourage the voters voting for other candidates to the point where they give up. Otherwise, Romney will not get to 1144.