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Monumental movie

Anyone heard of this?? Looks good and right up our alley.


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Nuh uh.

It's right up Santorum's alley.

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There was already a post

There was already a post about this movie on DP already.

It will be good if by good you mean, like what the one producer said in a radio interview: "We only have all of these rules, laws, and regulations because people don't follow the Ten Commandments; If people don't want to follow the Ten Commandments then we need all of these Laws and Regulations." If you agree with what that producer of the movie said, then it will be a good movie for you; however, I don't think the Ten Commandments are the problem. The problem is that people insist of trying to control other people's lives, period.

The interview of which I spoke is on youtube it is part 2 of a 2 part interview with Kirk, and the one producer/historian of the documentary.

That is one opinion made by

That is one opinion made by someone involved. The source of the documentary is obviouly relious, but that does not mean that the message behind the documentary is bad or should be taken lightly. Dr. Paul believes in freedom, but his moral views are based on his relious believes. I believe this a good view to learn some history of our founding fathers.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

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Kirk Cameron has backbone and

Kirk Cameron has backbone and definitely resists the Hollywood collectivism... I hope this is good.

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Go see this!

I saw it, and it was really good. Of course there was a lot of religious talk, but it's Kirk Cameron, so you can expect that. Besides, you can't talk about our founding without religious talk.

There was much discussion on Liberty and how we need individual liberty in order to restore Anerica. It talked about how liberty is local and the preservation of America is dependant on us. We need to get involved as individuals.

I would recommend this to any RP supporter or at least any RP supporter who understands that liberty is local and does not come from a central authority.

Go see this. Bring some RP handouts, because this movie will get people talking about how to restore America!