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Obama caught with an open microphone

Obama was caught telling Medvedev That he can be more flexible on missile defense after his election.


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The fix may be in, but with the GOP vitriol towards him and

the way they fixed it for R.P. not to win--I'm just saying the GOP will probably fix some things too. Don't you think they will tinker with the machines just as much as Obama's people?...unless R.P. gets the nom.

I dont understand

Obama's "People" and the GOP's "People" Are the Same People.

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Blantant in your face Politicking!

Here is this blatant in your face message that carries with it other considerations.:

1. If he is not repeating something he rehearsed, it indicates there will be an election in which he will no doubt win between a match with Mittney.

2. It also has a haunting familiarity in it because just before the bush re-election, he said something in the same tone of confidence when saying that he was not worried, and that he was going to win. We knew then the fix was in.

3. If there is going to be some kind of mis-hap/fake false flag event, it may come after the election, or there after the swearing in ceremony.

4. Ominously thinking, it seems the entire republican show-boating is just going to be a huge waste of energy and time. Yes, before you go off, I know that sounds terrible, but in the soetero/obama tone, he knows like bush did that the corrupted vote rigging machines will as always, deliver the vote no matter how off-set it really is. Just like in the off-setting we have seen in the in-house popularity differences between Ron Paul and the rest of the actors.

5. We now can see that they, all the evil collected are dang scared of Ron Paul winning and that is why they have amassed the three actors, the soetero/obama, and the lame stream lying mind control propaganda machines against him. What a guy to stand up to all that!

6. The ONLY answer is to get rid of the machines and let the people have an honest vote. Nothing less will change anything and if it is not changed, nothing will change. It will become what we all can plainly see written on the wall.

Is it real?


Ignorance is NOT bliss...it will kill you!



Thanks for posting. One question

Could we change the link to a non Yahoo News link? They are notoriously anti-Ron Paul and I hate giving them the traffic. Other than that, wow, and thanks for posting!


Thats BP just propaganda ploy to make the Usurper look oh so important ok meetings with the potus of USA and Russia oh yah opps my bad open mic, confidently stating that he will be reelected. WAKE UP peeps its a puppet show.



Works fine for me.

Video was removed

did anyone capture it? Our dictator in chief had it removed.


In politics, nothing happens

In politics, nothing happens by accident, if it happens, you can rest assured it was planned that way.

This is to encourage his supporters who have lost faith in him that he will be different if re-elected! This is a trick, that's all.

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good comments on Yahoo