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DHS Raids Home To Seize 'Deadly Hair Straighteners'

The Department of Homeland Security, a federal agency created in the aftermath of 9/11 to fight terrorism, has continued its war on potentially deadly grooming appliances by raiding a home in the affluent Orange County city of Laguna Niguel to seize allegedly counterfeit hair straighteners.

“About 10 investigators with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and special ICE Homeland Security Investigations agents combed through the garage and the single-story house in the 29500 block of Pelican Way near Niguel Road and Alicia Parkway,” reports the Orange County Register.

According to the feds, the American people need to be protected from the threat of counterfeit hair straighteners because they could pose a safety hazard to consumers.

The owners of business that sold the product, Brisk Deals, labeled the incident a “misunderstanding,” adding that the feds conducted the raid as if they were targeting armed terrorists, not dodgy hair irons.


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Relax, don't do it

When you run a comb through it

You'd think these

"officers" would be embarrassed to be such obvious goons for a protection racket.

yeah used to be you get a

yeah used to be you get a nice cut off the action. Nowadays you get a medal and a lousy hair straightener for the missus.

Tell your friend..

1. The libertarian philosophy does respect property rights, which Is one of the reasons it disagrees with this action, for the property rights of the person who owns the home have been violated, also the notion that the individual did not have a right to buy whatever brand of appliance the market offered to fit their need is being implied.

2. Whatever happened to innocent until proven... In this case there was no fire, no faulty equipment, no DAMAGES.

3. The use of force being used to round up household appliances is a just action on what planet? Even the use of the threat of force is not justifiable in this case, as the life or liberty of an individual was not under immediate threat.

4. As far as counterfeit is concerned, the patent or copyright holder should enforce their rights through the courts against the counterfeiter, Not through "homeland control freaks"

5. cost of course is an issue with the statist only in hypothetical situations such as the one presented in the argument above, what about the cost of maintaining such a beauracracy? It is in the billions, have your buddy cite one recent historical fire or other electricity based disaster that totaled 800 billion dollars, I doubt that is possible. The real cost here is the amount of resources wasted to train, arm, and administer the useless and wasteful action taken by Dhs to serve not the men and women who pay for it's existence but to punish them for utilizing the market for their own well being. There is the true cost to society this individual seems to be so concerned about.

I know one thing:

I don't feel secure in my home since the department of "home"land security was created!
(Please, government, protect me from myself! sarcasm)

Formerly rprevolutionist

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are bullshit. Easy response to that.

posted on fb, and got this response

calling out the libertarian!

‎1) Wait, I thought that enforcing property rights were one of the few things even Libertarians think that government should do? Don't counterfeiters infringe on the original trademark holders' property rights? 2) If the counterfeit items did cause fires and injuries, wouldn't the cost to the public be much higher than that of enforcing the trademark laws?


This whole story is as bogus as a three dollar bill.
#1 If they, HS goons, were truly interested in protecting my rights they would shut down the FED, investigate the doctors for being the third largest cause of deaths, find the birth certificate, deadly poison in my drinking water, etc., etc.
#2 "If"s and "What ifs" are hypotheticals and have no place in reasonable or legitimate discourse.

Thanks for a bump

I had a hearty laugh reading that comment.
Seems Big Brother did a good job brain-washing a large segment of the population.

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