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Please HELP me find my Tx Hood county Precinct Convention!

The Hood County Gop website is down... and the co-ordinator has not gotten back to me... I have no way of finding this convention which could be any day now and I need to go if I want to be a Ron Paul delegate.... Any Ideas?

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Hood County

Hood County
Larry Lowrance county chairman

817-706-3158 There is also an email address, but it wouldn't let me copy.

From the TX GOP page


emailed-- phone number out of service

seriously? like i wouldn't try this first :-)

Need Guadalupe help

I have called 3 times over the last 2 weeks and sent an email and still no response. Any help out there?

Guadalupe County GOP Chairperson

Did you try the county chairman?

Guadalupe County
Jan Koehne
2485 Hwy. 46N
Seguin, TX 78155
210-325-8766 would not let me copy the email address


Do they have a twitter?

There's a twitter for the Texas GOP. It's @TexasGOP - you could try tweeting your question to them, minus the RP delegate, of course. They also have a Facebook, Republican Party of Texas, if you're on there.


i twittered them just in case.. but i expect no response like the email... yes i started with the txgop site first..

I sent you

a private message to call me tomorrow.

Ok will call tomorrow

Thx for the help!

Call this number..

Email from my Precinct Chair:

We are not holding Precinct Conventions. Our County or Senatorial Convention will be held on April 21st. You may contact our Headquarters at 972-540-5985, if you would like more information about that Convention.


Plano TX

Called... this is for Collin county

and no answer :-)


I am in Hood county, is this from there?

Texas Gop

I contact Texas gop and have not heard back from them, there has been a bit of local gop scandal lately, so this might have affected things but I need to find the date... this could be an insider trick as the first conventions are already starting... anyone got a list of tx gop county chairmans and their numbers?