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the fraud needs to be exposed on a kony2012 level.

however that kony2012 shit got off the ground , that needs to be applied to the situation of american people having their voting rights taken away from them.

who here is willing to create a documentary that we can spread far and wide to shock the people who simply dont know its happening?

I check my ron paul news every day and its like im living a nightmare. People recording these acts of treason and not doing anything about it. I cant stand it. It hurts too much to be a part of this movement if its just going to peter out and become irrelevant as these gopiglets jack off to oreily's goat eyed opinion.

This needs to be exposed before the convention , the GOP Will be willing to do anything to keep ron paul out of that convention. so we need to do everything to keep him in that convention. This movement started with the internet. We can win this election with the internet.

the media cant help us.
The GOP cant help us.
VOTING cant help us.

i know its corny to say it but our country is completely skullfucked if any of these people manage control of this country.

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Please look at this and comment:


We are WAY better connected and organized that Invisible Children.

Let's make "RON-Y 2012" dominate the internet!

The reason this took off was

that the Invisible Children got kids to tweet to the liberal big name actors and got them to tweet about the video and then it went viral. Paul just does not have the big liberal actors supporting him and without that it is hard to duplicate. Not to mention the subject of the video is highly controversial.

how many famous people openly

how many famous people openly support ron paul?

why cant we do the same?

kelly clarkson would be a messenger for liberty

seriously there are quite a

seriously there are quite a few people who openly support ron paul that have a massive fanbase.

start putting a list together and we will pull our own kony2012 and win ron paul the election , hell it might be better if he is excluded from the convention , that would just cement the fact that he is being suppressed and gather support for the movement

You're right, the list of

You're right, the list of celebrity/political/business supporters, while not enormous, is populated with some big-name folks, who bring large followings. You can see the list near the bottom of my post:


"RON-Y 2012"