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Uplifting Article: Supporters of Ron Paul Rally in Mount Pleasant

Hearing Ron Paul speak on a YouTube video was all it took for Mike Yocco to get politically active. Until then, he said, he was apathetic at best.

"I was never passionate or even involved until I saw a video of Ron Paul and heard what he had to say," Yocco said Sunday at the intersection of Highways 20 and 31 in Mount Pleasant. "What he says is so true, and unlike the other politicians, his actions and his words match."

Adam Toutant agreed.

"Ron Paul only votes with the Constitution," he said. "He knows we can't spend our way out of debt, and he has a plan to reduce the deficit in three years, not the 30 proposed by Paul Ryan."

This was the second weekend the group was out waving signs for Ron Paul, and Yocco said at one point there were probably about 50 people split into groups for each corner of the intersection.


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