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Ron Paul was...selectively in South Park's "Faith Hilling" Episode

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I was terrmbly disappointed...

I really, really, didn't like the last segment of the episode, where they replaced Dr. Paul with the cat saying "Oh long Johnson." I once saw an actual cat with "thumbs" - it had some defect and its front paws had the first toe turned 90 degrees; I wouldn't be surprised if that "Oh long Johnson" sound came from an actual cat - they are, after all, intrinsically evil, so who knows what they can do besides piss all over your furniture and torture helpless, defenseless little animals, like RINOS do? - Oh, yeah, they allow certain mindless people to deliver pre-chewed food to their face and schlep their waste.

No, didn't like this one at all.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

It astounds me...

That people don't understand that just about every South Park episode after season 4 is pretty much a pro-liberty pareable. You'd have to be pretty moronic if you can't see that, even more moronic if you've wached the show for 15years without getting half of the jokes.

Top Three Liberty Episodes.
1. "Butt Out"
2. "Medicinal Fried Chicken"
3. "Goobacks"

Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone

also made The Book of Mormon the musical at a pretty bad time for Romney.

65th Tony Awards: "The Book Of Mormon"

They hit the nail on the head.

"Get off your flying cellphone scooters and THINK"

The message is really pretty clear. There's a train coming, but the masses are distracted by stupid fads, while the politicians (except Ron Paul) and media feed into it with their pandering.

This is great for us, but I don't think it changed many minds

Look, the episode was clearly a wake up call to America. But I don't think many people will see it that way. If you hadn't heard of Paul before this episode, you probably didn't make much sense of it. It's pretty obvious to us, but I was talking to a few people online about south park and they were completely Anti-Paul. I said "You know Matt and Trey are libertarians right? And many episodes have libertarian themes." They weren't buying, asking me to name an episode with a libertarian meaning. Its very simple really, many episodes have libertarian messages including all 3 this season so far in my opinion. So I think, if you weren't getting the previous episodes meaning, you def aint getting this one

Three top picks for libertarian-episodes of South Park.

#1 - When Token's Parents Oppose Cartman's Incarceration for a "hate crime" (...Cartman hates everybody!...equally!)

#2 - RabbleRabbleRabble TheyTookErrJooooooobs!

#3 - "Smug" is coming for South Park. Cartman must journey to San Francisco.


Yeah, most won't get that Dr. Paul was purposefully not participating in the Pander-fest, or that "Gringrich" was.

All very fine selections.

SP rocks!

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

A South Park episode whose time has come

"Evolution cannot be stopped and the cats will rise"

"Get off your flying cellphone scooters and THINK"

Approved memes:
1 - Peace sign, Ron Paul
2 - Bunny Ears, President Obama
3 - Fake Wiener, Rick Santorum

"These stupid fads are only that okay, we cannot give into this crap"

"Do you cats want war? Because that is what you are going to get"

Let's see that again

There was a lot to this episode. I think the entire thing was pro Ron Paul. The debt crisis we see coming, the train; people doing what the media tells them to do, voting for Romney; the politicians doing whatever is popular; and our consistent voice of reason. I think the metaphors should be a lot clearer when I re-watch the episode from this point of view.

Check it out

If you listen very carefully, you will actually hear Ron Paul speaking right before cartman and mr kitty go on the stage.
If you want to watch it, go to:
from 19:15 to 19:21

I think Matt and Trey respect Ron Paul. Thats why they didn't have him in the end and thats why they had him talking in the background during the whole operation in the beginning. As for the cat replacing Ron Paul, it could resemble anything so I'm not gonna over analyze and think too deeply into it.

thats exactly what I got out of the whole thing

Notable is the fact that they didnt have to use actual voices,but did. The only one who this benefits is Ron Paul-his recordings were calm and thoughtful. Also they could have used ANY setting. They didn't have to use the GOP debate...twice. I can't help but to lean toward thinking that this episode was meant in part to give a nod to Ron Paul. It is what it is though. It probably shouldn't be over analyzed.
BUT...here's one for the overanalyzing South Park/Ron Paul fan: This is the ONLY episode where the strong belief in an issue caused their longstanding differences to be set aside and Cartman and Kyle were brought together-against everyone else. The two actually bonded. Analyze THAT : )

Parker & Stone

I once saw a TV interview of them, and someone asked about their political bent. They said, in essence, "Oh, we're not really that political - we're more like, if it's funny, we make fun of it!"

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I think people are reading

I think people are reading way too far into this. Consistency in the 'cats message' compared to the Paul campaign!?

Here's the cat's take on the SP episode



I see the cats as Paul supporters - people generally just as misunderstood by the MSM and contemporary America as Paul is. The cats (including Johnson cat) are the media's caricature of limited government advocates. They know so little about the relevant topics that they come up with crazy interpretations.

I don't think that this episode had anything to do with Iran. I think the war is in the Republican party.

I also think that there's a comment stating, "Some of these Ron Paul followers are just as blindly devoted, loud, and willfully ignorant as the general GOP base is." I've said that before elsewhere, so that may be my bias coming through.

Of course, there's also the comment that there's no news media anymore, just pandering to people and "reporting" what's popular.

I also find it interesting that Paul's voice played in the background during the final debate - as though reminding us that Paul is still there (here).

I don't think that there was an endorsement of Gary Johnson or a 3rd party run.

I think that the central biting theme of the whole episode was the meaninglessness of everything in America today.

Leaders (politicians and educators) are so out of touch with the people and history that communication with them can only be done via a pandering song and dance routine - and that communication is meaningless.

Common people have drowned themselves in "what's cool now" and arguing among themselves (about whatever meme is the true cool meme) such that the only thing they ever do anymore is pander to each other and seek the "next cool thing".

And the longer they pander and spout memes, the closer the big crash comes. Reality is going to kill them - run them over, if you will.

Alternatively, the train is a metaphor for the media/America crushing/silencing anyone who starts to sound like Paul - or that the creators of SP want to kill anyone who parrots straw man "representative statements" about Paul.

I owe credit for the language connection to: http://eatingpropaganda.blogspot.com/2012/03/south-park.html

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Who in their right mind views this nonsense?

Oh yeah, those who most likely got tired of Beevis and Butthead


95% of south park

Is bullshit.

But 5% is pure, pure gold:

"The Biggest Douche in the Universe"
"Whale Whores"
"Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow"
"Ginger Kids"
"All About Mormons"
"Mystery of the Urinal Deuce"
"Cash for Gold"

And some others. South Park is getting better and better with the time.

Anyone play the cat's "speech" backwards?

The MSM has turned Ron Paul into a cat at the debates. A cat whose message is unclear. (5 syllables)

But reporters wait to repeat the meme as if it meant something, just seconds before the train wreck. Or did saying "ohlongjonson" call the train?

"Why would I look at a newspaper, retard"


Free includes debt-free!

Great Catch!

...regarding the newspaper. =)

Maybe that is why the

Maybe that is why the Huffington Post cut out Ron Paul, it was probably a shot from the 2nd debate where a cat took his place. You could interpret it a number of different ways... But they were indeed mocking internet memes and the clowns who think they are cool. The cat (is it ceiling cat? Im not into that type of thing) is one, and Ron Paul is in a way as well. I know the writers are quasi-libertarian supposedly, but I also know the show mocks about everyone they possibly can. I still remember the episode "The Passion of the Jew", where they brutally mocked Mel Gibson. If they had done that to Ron Paul, I wouldn't have ever watched it again. :)

Matt and Trey are probably

Matt and Trey are probably reading this site laughing at how we're over-analyzing everything.

Thought Provoking

I liked a lot of the analysis in the comments. So I kludged up a quick synopsis with the episode link on Facebook. I then said, If you don't get it just google Ron Paul. Maybe some will.

How many times could you

How many times could you repeat 'Oolong Johnson' before being hit by a train? Nice metaphor.

Ron Paul can fly but chooses not to because it isn't authorized by the Constitution.

How many times can you say End the Fed

before it derails and takes everyone with it


Ron Paul is the cat. Consistent.

Listen close to the audio they picked Ron Paul saying in the beginning. Some of it straight from the super brochure. Listen close and you'll hear him say how he gets the most donations from the troops.
The cat keeps saying the same thing just like Ron.
The people don't understand it and are so afraid they want to declare war against it.
The last line about the candidates (the not-Ron Pauls) pandering to the newest fad like clowns and the cat keeps his consistent message "O Long Johnson" (hehehe).

With this episode and the one about the TSA(losing freedom isn't worth a false sense of security) its pretty obvious where Matt and Trey stand.

Don't tread on me bro

Smooth message using the cat. One consistant message

the whole time, just like Dr. Paul. Everyone one else and every other candidate flip flopping to the latest BS. Clever.


I am a HUGE South Park fan...

Notice how all the candidates except RP said some meaningless rhetoric, then Paul ends the scene by talking about the WWII vets coming home and continues to be background noise through the boys' meme scene. Then, at the end of the episode Ron Paul is left out of the scene bashing the idiots debating about a war with an alien(Iran)...The final meme is called "pandering"!!! c'monnnnn, this was obvious support of Ron Paul and bashing the other idiots. Matt and Trey are confessed libertarians but they can't alienate fans who disagree.

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Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!

Right on reply

Well said Troop.

The boys couldn't have Ron do what they had those clowns do with Cartman any more than we could. Well done on all levels and kudos to Stone and Parker.

Ed in Phoenix

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

The three other candidates

The three other candidates end up doing whatever is popular. RP was not part of that.

Yeah, at the beginning it was

Yeah, at the beginning it was awesome hearing paul talk about his military support and actually spreading wisdom. at the end the other candidates it was so obvious they just wanted to prove they were worth something through credentials, while paul is worth something in his wisdom by itself. not to mention his amazing credentials