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Ron Paul was...selectively in South Park's "Faith Hilling" Episode

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They possibly chose the best way to make fun of all of the other republicans, without noticeably omitting Paul. But they clearly let Paul take the majority of the audio at the beginning, and they removed Paul from the stage at the end where the "idiot" republicans dance like a bunch of fools.

I knew they would pull something off cleverly.

I did notice that

Paul did have a good amount of air time in the beginning even if it was background noise you could still hear him

that was great, and I think

that was great, and I think they did a lot more than we expected. did anyone else catch the end?

when ron was nowhere to be seen

and yet could still be heard saying something wonderful even as the rest of them made fools of themselves by pandering?

I feel like someone says something funny that ends up being inspiration for jokes and then the writers use the freedom of animation to create elaborate scenarios that result in the unspoken punchlines. For example "Those three would go to war against cats with bread on their head."

I think any notion that Matt and Trey wouldn't give they're support to Ron Paul for fear of upsetting people is entirely ridiculous. These are the people whose unspoken punchline was once "Thank God the Coon is here to save us all!"

I also think it's a bad idea to look for too many superficial connections in their work. People see what they want to see.

Hah! I love that they let

Hah! I love that they let Paul speak during there "faith hilling" preparation.


this episode is about memes apparently and the thing with GOP presidential debate was when the kids did the "faith hill" in the middle of it. lol

Cats are smarter than some

Cats are smarter than some people.

try this link!

Since it started when Ron

Since it started when Ron Paul was speaking I wonder if the operation was to no longer allow him to speak? Blackout? Would be pretty awesome!


Does anyone have a Comedy Central live feed link to share?

Full Episode

The episode is NOT POSTED YET, but it will eventually be at this link:



This is taken

From Charleston, South Carolina, January 2012 debate.


Here is the actual debate cut:

I doubt South Park will make fun of Ron Paul

But if they do thats fine, because there is so much more to make fun of in the other three candidates we will look fine.

The last two episodes its blatantly obvious that they are talking Ron Paul themes! GOLD! TSA! The bureaucracy! its obvious to me that they support him, but dont want to get all political which is comedic suicide.


I actually think they will..but in a gentle sort of way. Trey and Matt don't seem like the people who like to flat-out offend (though that usually ends up being the case, heh), but they may throw some digs towards him and/or his supporters. I wouldn't expect any less. :D

As far as saying they don't want to get all political...I was under the impression that that's pretty much all they've been doing the past 5 years or so. They've gained/lost a lot of viewers because of this (just read any message board with SP as the topic).

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They are libertarians

Yeah, they take political positions, like libertarian. But as far as endorsing a politician is very rare. They are cynical toward the whole thing. just watch the episode, About last night. They disliked both candidates. Ron Paul might be one they actually like, but it would be out of character to outright endorse him

Oh yeah, they won't flat out

endorse a candidate (at least I don't see it happening), but they most certainly get political when it comes to SP. They pretty much drop an anvil every week, IMO (not that that's a bad thing...) They've even joked about this one episode saying "at least Family Guy doesn't get up its own ass with messages" or something to that effect.

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Yeah, I remember that episode

Much Respect, even willing to make fun of themselves and how preachy they get. Though i think their preaching is usually right.

Same here

I agree with a given episode's Aesop probably 90% of the time.

I can't watch this episode though...I don't own a TV and my PC seems to overheat when I watch a video. Time for a new PC, I suppose...or at least a new CPU.

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If you're getting lock-ups/crashes due to overheating...

Open it up. With the computer off, make sure the fans and heat sinks are relatively dust free. If that's not enough to stabilize the computer, run it with the case open and a box fan blowing into it.

I feel like in an odd way

I feel like in an odd way they did endorse Paul over the other GOP candidates at the very end of the show there.

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Word on the street is that it is tonight

That's what I heard, anyway.

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Yes, Thank You

I see that the headline has been updated. Awesome, can't wait!

Freedom is popular-RON PAUL 2012 til I die!

What Day And Time?

Are new South Park episodes?

Freedom is popular-RON PAUL 2012 til I die!

Wednesdays, 10:00 p.m.

Wednesdays, 10:00 p.m.

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I can't wait. I've been

I can't wait. I'm a die hard SP fan. I've been dying for them to fit Ron Paul into one of the episodes. Maybe it's just me but in the clip it looks like they pan to the audience when Paul is talking to show them with dumbfounded looks on their face; but this could just be my confirmation bias kicking in.

I don't think they will, but don't be surprised if they rip on Paul hard. Anything goes in comedy. So don't blow up their emails with angry rants if they rip on him. You'd just be asking for them to rip on Paul for the next year in every episode.

The creators obviously lean libertarian but are probably more skeptical-populist types who always see another side to an issue. It just so happens that "the other side" is almost always on the side of liberty. They have never claimed an ideology in any interview I've seen... only indirect references to libertarian-ism, populism and political skepticism. Watch Team America and you'll see what I mean... it jabs both the anti-war people and the pro-war people. Oh and they hate Michael Moore with a passion mainly because he misrepresented them in "Bowling for Columbine."

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I love

South Park. And last episode "Cash for gold" was heartbreaking and funny.

Very funny, but...

The solution to the wasteful use of resources they illuminated was obvious: Don't give people you like gold jewelry, give them gold bullion!


This is gonna be hilarious. Can't wait.

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official preview is here
plz replace link
so syched though!!!!!!
but they are not usualy ppl to take a side though, and prbly wont endorse RP, but they are libertarian

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