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Silver Circle Movie Releases Official Trailer

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Producer Comments

Howdy guys - this is Pasha, the producer of Silver Circle... I don't actually mind the animation-haters out there, and when they aren't ignorant comments they do help us to keep moving forward with our process and quality. But, comments about the real content are much more interesting and relevant.

There's a few things going on here with the visuals:

  1. We have been working on this for over three years, and it takes a whole lot of work to re-create reality in animation. We are a real pro animation studio on a budget, and that's why you see a disparity between comments from industry people and random internet haters.
  2. It is on a budget - less than $2 mil - and that's going to show. It's still a huge amount of money, and we have to earn it all back in the box office. You'd get smoother action with the same story for $30 or $100 million, but there's no point to that right? We're not trying to create a bland soulless story that appeals to everyone; it's a story with a spine. And it's a damn cool story too. I'm betting that a little stiffness in the characters' joints are not going to hold back the story and its impact.
  3. There is a cognitive effect going on here called the "uncanny valley". If you compare our animation to, say South Park, it's waay more sophisticated, right? But, since the characters are rendered more realistically, the eye is more critical. We actually pulled back the visual quality of the characters to improve the cognitive impact of this animation, which as noted above, is as good as any studio is gonna get for less than $2mil.
  4. Many US audiences are not used to animation for serious stories. You'll see a lot more excitement and understanding of the form in Europe or Asia, or in comic conferences, where we do market aggressively. I can cover why we did animation in another post, but it just makes sense on budget and cultural reasons.
  5. Also, hey, maybe I'm wrong or we suck. That's the chance we take as an entrepreneurial studio. We're a small scrappy studio with some skill, so I put my own money down and we are trying to make a go of it. Our heart is in it and this is a lot more than you'll see from most of Hollywood. The market will tell us how we did, and I hope that the liberty community will help the movie and its message catch fire when we release in August.
  6. It's just going to keep getting better. We're already planning the sequel, and hope to see things continue to improve, so keep your eyes out. We see our way to impact this world is to change peoples hearts as well as their minds, and entertainment is a huge part of this.

I'm running long - but really - the most important part of this movie is the story, the characters and the ideas. I'd love to talk about those someday...



P.S. Thanks for the props on the M14. Along with Boston T. Party, I'm a big fan of the .308.

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The criticisms are just flat wrong

Regardless of whether or not you think the criticisms in this thread are okay to make, constructive, or helpful, here's my response to the substance of those criticisms: they're just flat wrong. I'm a blogger and marketer for Silver Circle and at the comic conferences we've attended, we get a HUGE response and a lot of interest from non-liberty or political people who like the animation and the plot. These are comic nerdz too. They have a critical eye for animation and quality work. They love what we're doing. The movie does have mass appeal.

In fact, when I was at MegaCon in Orlando, some Pixar animators (ever heard of them?) stopped by our booth to compliment us on the work we were doing. They were actually impressed with our animation and stopped to ask questions to our director/producer. Not to be disparaging, but I'm going to give a little more weight to their feedback than to that of any commentators here. Don't take that personally, because I mean-- it's Pixar. Watching the trailer, I just don't know what critics are thinking. It looks phenomenal. The 3D animation is actually fantastic and the acting is great. I'd say in fact, that this is some of the most high quality art ever produced by the contemporary libertarian and sound money movement.

We're pioneering something here. We're taking our message out of the political and educational space and bringing it to the art space. It's not something very many libertarians have done AT ALL in the first place, and it's not something that many have done this well as of yet. This is a huge leap forward and it's only going to help raise the bar for the kind of work that our movement will produce in the future.

Wes Messamore blogs at http://www.humblelibertarian.com

I commend your efforts, but

I commend your efforts, but just because a couple of Pixar animators were nice to you at your booth does not mean your film is above criticism.

And as a couple commenters below mentioned, what is wrong with a little criticism? It's part of the free market.

I hope Silver Circle does well.

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Come on...

I didn't say the film is above criticism. In fact I explicitly set aside that question and addressed the criticisms and give you my take on them. Just by expressing my opinion I am not saying you don't have the right to express yours; I'm just disagreeing with yours.

My opinion is that the criticisms are just plain wrong. The film's animation is actually really good. It looks fantastic and it has generated a lot mainstream interest from people outside our movement.

Last of all, I'm skeptical of your implied clairvoyant power to determine how it went down with the Pixar guys without even being there. It's a little far-fetched to believe you're better qualified than someone who was actually there to judge whether they were just being nice or were genuinely impressed. I appreciate how you've softened up your tone a little in this thread, but I felt like that was a little condescending.

That's my final word on this thread.

Thanks for your good wishes, and thanks to all the other commentators for your kind words.

Wes Messamore blogs at http://www.humblelibertarian.com

Fair enough. You've got my

Fair enough. You've got my support.

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We just need...

...a few hundred thousand to see this movie and buy a silver blank. That should just about do JP Morgan in. With all the silver shorts they have, it's time to pay up.

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

you would need a few more

you would need a few more then a few hundred thousand. 10 million would be a good start.

You guys know me and

You guys know me and Silver... looks great to me. Another big plus.. the guy also has good taste in weaponry.. notice the M1A/M14? I did ... lol

I Like The Plot

I wasn't expecting an animation, but it could be good.

Freedom is popular-RON PAUL 2012 til I die!

I think this looks pretty

I think this looks pretty cool. It does have that video game feel, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

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It pains me to read some of the comments below

What is wrong with encouragement? And don't people remember what their mothers used to say: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all?" What ever happened to that. Oh, right - that is part of the lost America we're all trying to reclaim.

The kinds of comments people make - and believe me, I've been on my share of the receiving end of them -honestly, make me feel like just shutting the whole site down after the election. Seriously. Seriously - I'll have to make a decision about that. And I think I've got better ways to spend my time than hosting a place where people just cut on one another - in the same movement. Christ - what is wrong with people?

At any rate, I'm looking forward to the movie. Thanks to Silver Circle for actually taking some initiative and doing something, rather than just taking potshots from the peanut gallery.

He's the man.

Keep the site rolling!

Yeah it's easy for people to be big and bad safe behind the keyboard at home! There are tons of good people here too though. Don't take it from all of us!

I really hope you keep going with the site though. Love coming here everyday and the sites name The Daily Paul works for Rand Paul too for when he starts [hopefully] really steppin up to the plate! ;)

No one can find a safe way out if society is sweeping towards destruction. Everyone,in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. - LvM

I think you're missing the point of liberty...

I read every post below and none of them are remotely bad. They are opinions and in the LIBERTY movement we value opinions, whether we agree or not. So someone is critical of something another puts forward and you blow an artery...seriously? To me, this is the beauty of this site and others, that people can share their opinions freely. Yes, the anonymity of the internet brings out the "best" in people sometimes, but that's the point. If you don't want to hear peoples opinions, don't run an internet site...it's that simple!
Personally, i think the show looks great and can't wait to see it. Im not huge into anime or animation, but I like the story and the message, so I think it'll be worth it.
I appreciate the hard work and time you put into the Daily Paul Michael, but please do not allow your emotions to overrule common sense and logic. You are running a LIBERTARIAN and LIBERTY oriented site, then fly off the handle when people EXERCISE those values. It's freedom baby and it's a beautiful thing. It's the FREE market, if the makers of this show succeed and people pay or donate to their cause, then yeah for them and bravo, if not, they tried and will learn from the experience AND THE FEEDBACK.
Please don't CRITICIZE criticism..it really is an oxymoron :)

It's now or never...time to hit the streets and spread the truth!

I agree on dislike of the negativity

...Though I'm not sure it's unique to the DailyPaul, because other internet forum comments are strangely negative too. It's so easy to criticize and ridicule, but it's so hard to accomplish anything, especially anything innovative, any long complex project. Innovators probably hear 10 negative comments to every one positive comment, and that's too bad, because the world needs more innovators.

And by the way, a huge thanks to you, Michael, for everything you do for the Liberty Movement!

Let those with the perfect CG render cast the first stone.

People have no idea how much time and effort it takes to pull something like this off. The armchair movie critics should try making their own 30 second 3D animated scene. Then they would judge the effort from an informed perspective.

I would rather have a flip book cartoon or a scratch in the dirt that actually spoke a message than most of the crap that passes for TV entertainment these days.

I don't think anybody said it

I don't think anybody said it was easy. The fact remains that people don't go to see a movie based on how hard it was to make.

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You are right.I think many

You are right.

I think many of us are used to freely speaking our mind here. In the past, I know I've been perturbed at people being rude and distasteful in comments sections. I've slipped a few times myself.

I think the truth is that when writing on the Internet, we often lack the context of traditional communication. Normally we filter what we say depending on the context, but here every thread feels the same. Anonymity only worsens the effect.

Looking back, I regret my candid posts because I don't know anything about this project and I want to support people that support sound money.

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Yes, Michael...

please, don't shut down and this looks awesome. I do not understand the complaints.

Please don't

Michael, please don't take this site down after the election... although sometimes I wouldn't blame you. There will always be dissent within any movement. That's a shame, but it's human nature. On the DP we find those who are ready to knock anything, although they probably couldn't come close to producing anything like this. You have those who put down the newbies, like there is a troll hiding behind every new member, and if you haven't been here since 2007 (despite many who have lurked for a long time) your commentary is somehow not as worthy. And there is the continuing battle between those siding with the campaign, and those promoting a third party or Americans Elect run. This just goes with the territory, and makes for some interesting dialog. But like you, I sometimes wonder and grow weary of it as well.

Reboot, the drama.

Looks like Reboot. How can you expect this to be taken seriously? CG is not a good medium for a feature film unless you have lots and lots of money.

is this just for YOUTUBE or DVD? can't be cinema(?) is it?

I'd like to see it.

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It'll be both for cinema with a limited release to like 17 theaters in major cities across the country and there will be a concurrent DVD release. Check out the website for more information. We'll be coming out late this Summer.

Wes Messamore blogs at http://www.humblelibertarian.com

my question is HOW do we get to see it?

if its good I'll show it at the library.

wow people are critical around here

We had our fair share of critics when we wrote our anti-big government book (in sig below), but you have to power through these critiques and follow your heart.

I think this project looks great and can't wait to support it!




I am an animator

Is there a way to get involved in this even without pay?

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

cool another animator on daily paul!

(i'm an animator too)

Thanks for posting Michael..

Looking forward to it.

When it comes to being movie critics...

The DPers can be a pretty tough crowd.

Maybe so


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