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Silver Circle Movie Releases Official Trailer

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Old school

I have no problem with this animation, but I have to say that I'm old school. If it doesn't look like a Bugs Bunny cartoon from the 50's-60's, then it's not animation! :>)

So, what's the angle on this

So, what's the angle on this thing?

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Hate to say it...

...but this looks terrible. The graphics are horrendous, the acting sounds hyperbolic and melodramatic. I appreciate the sentiment and the effort that went into this, but I just can't take this seriously. I'm almost always a substance over style person, but in this case: there is just not enough style. I can't get past the aesthetic flaws.

They need real actors

The graphics that look like "a video game I played in 1995" really distract from this and make it look like a joke. It should be real actors and if thats too difficult then make it an audio play or book. I just can't watch it because the poor quality 3d completely gets in the way.

The Game that comes to mind...

Liesure Suit Libertarian...


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Nobody is talking about the

Nobody is talking about the substance of the film, just the way it looks. It's just an opinion, if someone is going to create and release something I think they should expect feedback, in fact they should welcome feedback.

The comments aren't all that negative and they're more or less spot on. I'm sure anyone who didn't post it but saw it had the same thoughts, lets be real. Perhaps it's a case of misplaced expectations on what this thing would be.

Having said that if the point is to reach a wider audience, it's not going to happen. Someone who's not already interested in this stuff probably wouldn't give something that looks this low budget the time of day. That's not negative, I think that's a legitimate critique, constructive criticism and kind of a statement of fact. That's if this is meant to change peoples minds.

If the creator wants to make a movie for fellow sound money advocates that's great, I know I'll watch it. If they're trying to appeal to a wider audience I think every single one of those comments are legitimate feedback. Let's be honest for a second and admit the average American is not going to watch this movie and it's entirely because of the way it looks.
That doesn't take a single thing away from the hard work and dedication I'm sure it took, and it's far and away beyond anything I could have done creatively. Hard work though doesn't change the way people are when it comes to entertainment.

I think you could look at these things negatively, or take them and try to build upon them. I suppose it's all about what you're planning on doing with the film.

As far as shutting the site down, I don't get that. I've seem some ridiculous crap on here, but the most negative things that happen on this site are people that don't allow anything but hero worship or else you're a "troll" or a "plant" or "neo-con trying to stir up trouble." The level of paranoia is insane and the amount of infighting just because someone makes a truthful comment or one outside the "mainstream" Dailiy Paul consensus is ridiculous.

It's all part of doing business on the internet though I suppose. This site is rather tame compared to other forums. I'd hate to see you shut it down, but if you do, you do and something else will pop up to take it's place. If we really believe in liberty and freedom of expression you have to take the good with the bad, and there's far more good here than bad. I think that itself is worthwhile.