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Americans Elect - how to unenroll?

Has anyone figured out how to unenroll in American Elect? Can it be done?

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LOL! They are telling people on twitter it won't effect your

delegate status. I told them I deleted my account just to be on the safe side because some of their rules did not seem like they were Kosher.

Unenroll from American Elect

Watch this video and it gives you the instructions



Glad to see more folks becoming aware of what Americans Elect really is (and isn't).

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There is a part that says cancel my account or something. I think you go to your profile. I did it a couple of weeks ago.

Same here...

Deleted my information. I'm also moving when I get back to California, so I'll be "re-registering" with the Party, that should override anything with American Select.

Jack Wagner

Found it - thanks!

Got the account deleted - thanks very much!

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Godfreeus...This Has to Be Addressed

The AE posters for the most part sign on to the DP site only to solicit Ron Paul supporters and create division and confusion. Overwhelmingly most DPers more informed than I am have warned to stay away from signing on to AE.

If you google Doug Wead, Americans Elect the link I provided comes up. http://crashtheparty.org/post/16164486059/listen-ron-paul-ad...

Why did I google this? I wanted to know if Doug had ever expressed an opinion about the organization. In this quote under his (unflattering) picture, he no way condones AE however it is used to imply he does. I seriously think it should be addressed by the campaign. All he has to do is ask that they remove it and let us know. We will then know where he stands (although I think we already do.)

With all the heroic efforts by so many to win delegates, if there is any possibility that this is a defeat Ron Paul trap and our delegates could be taken away given the small print, the campaign or grassroots needs legal advise to nip it in the bud and have any Ron Paul supporters who so wish have their names removed due to the underhanded and overpoweering efforts to snare them under flase pretences. Now..not later.

If ever we needed a word from the campaign it is now. The proponents never address any issues other than "why" we should sign up. It seems that they are not barraging any other campaigns.