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Am I the only one that thinks Paul could do better in interviews with MSM?

The interview with Piers tonight was vintage Ron Paul, excellent back and forth! Some interviews he seems off, maybe he is tired of answering the same questions but..
After watching his interview with Bloomberg today I couldn't help but feel a little bit frustrated because they said Romney has 10x as many delegates as him and he didn't really protest that. I want him to win but he has got to come across as a strong leader who doesn't take crap from anyone. He has had good interviews before but here are my thoughts:

People like someone who fights back. When he sits there while they say he hasn't won and he is not going to be the nominee, he sort of comes up with a ho hum answer like "Well its not over yet" or "we'll just continue what we're doing"

He needs to take a serious look at what people who like his ideas think when they hear him say this. They probably think:
1. I like his ideas, too bad he isn't going to be the nominee.. I'm not going to pay to much attention again until November
2. I like his ideas and I will vote for him even though he admits he can't win
3. I don't really like this guy, he doesn't come across as a strong leader who is being belittled by the media, even if he has good ideas
4. I like this guy lets see what I can do to get him some money and some votes

#4 is the least likely response from someone who hasn't heard much about him and are barely paying attention to the electoral process

When he gets interviewed, to maximize the support, he must shoot them back when they say he has not won a primary yet. Say "look, I have won a large number of delegates in a quite a few caucus states and if you are talking about the straw vote, I won in the Virgin Islands AND Maine was really messy, I still believe we won there and will get the most delegates there, and thats what really matters. So you should stop saying that we have yet to win because we have some wins in both the straw and delegates in at least 5 states."

Whenever they say he is in last, he must come back with "How do you know that, do you know what is going on in these state conventions and caucuses? I believe when all is said and done we will surprise some people with our delegate numbers" (I know he has said something like this before but didnt today)

When they say that Romney and Santorum are the likely nominee, instead of saying that he offers different ideas, say loudly and strongly that "The ideas I bring to the table would be able to beat Obama because there is a big contrast. Obama administration is trying to get in people's lives and invade other countries constantly while maintaining a very poor economic policy. I don't see much of a difference if we nominate any of the other three guys. If Republicans want contrast and to win in November, they will nominate me because my ideas are different."

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Most politicians are just

Most politicians are just actors too ugly to make it in Hollywood.

Yes, Ron could certainly be a lot better in some areas of showmanship and public speaking, but he is a true statesman and values truth above all else. The problem is that most voters are persuaded by superficial rhetoric and slogans, not reason.

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Paul has no advisors and no help

so he is all alone, so it is best not to be so hard on him. where paul has advisors is in staying in gop and obeying their rules.


Ron Paul is a once in a Century Phenomenon...

I predict he will surpass Ronald Reagan BY FAR....in his legacy to this country. He is the greatest of the great.

The MSM should hide in deep shame. None of them has considered the influence he has made and will make on the USA and the world.

The media deserve their demise and they are doing it all by themselves. Interesting that the financial media CAN'T WAIT to have Ron Paul on their programs......


Yeah I agree he could do

Yeah I agree he could do better, theoretically. But it's because he's properly smart. Ron Paul doesn't think in soundbites and easy solutions so it's hard for him to do 'interviews' like these. Whether you consider a 10 minute back and forth angling for soundbites an interview is up to you.

Put Ron in a 60 minute conversation with a host that can actually handle the topics and watch him shine. Then he's probably at his very best when attacked.

They seriously need to consider doing that. I think it would warm up a lot of people, not just to his ideas (they're already out there and being discussed) but a person.

I think Dr. Paul knows who is going to give him a fair break.

He doesn't "cast pearls among swine." However, I do agree, I wish he was always as combative with hostile press as he was with Morgan.

Well, he certainly was amazing with

Piers Morgan tonight! I'm sure someone will put the link up soon. Don't miss it. I've never heard Dr. Paul attack a host so relentlessly as he did tonight. It was beautiful!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I thought tonight was one of his best interviews!

The point I was trying to make was that he needs to contest the numbers of delegates in the interviews and I was very glad he did that tonight to the lousy Piers...He didn't earlier on Bloomberg but he made up for it on CNN.
I've seen some great interviews and some not so great ones but I think a lot of it has do with him being tired or his relationship with the interviewer. I just wish he could bring the fight he did tonight, all the time, in every interview. I know it must be really weighing, I can't really imagine fighting the establishment day in day out, I guess we should just be thankful for every time he fires back and not expect every single time, but for now that was vintage Ron Paul on Piers

Yes, agreed.

Just wanted to be sure you saw that clip, knowing you'd be pleased. If only he would fire back like that "every single time"!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Check out the new Piers Morgan Thread

...and the clip once it's up. I think he Piers just got his posterior handed to him.


You beat me by a second! Piers absolutely got his British a$$ kicked and handed back to him on a colonial pewter platter.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Art of War...did you read the

Art of War...did you read the post?

Ron's playing coy. No need to take their bait...and that's exactly what it is, bait. "Here, Ron...swing for the fences on this and whiff."

No thank you...

It's March folks, take it easy. Only the political junkies are paying any attention to this crap. The rest of America is watching another channel..."on the television, the drug of the nation breading ignorance and feeding radiation."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

No, you're not the only one

To those making excuses for Dr. Paul, stop comparing him to a tired 76-year-old and start comparing him to Ronald Reagan if you actually want to win. See him through the eyes of an undecided voter. I think Dr. Paul is a very modest man and not eager to trumpet his accomplishments even when it is to benefit his movement and the country. But in politics modesty sounds like weakness and many voters won't get behind someone they think will lose no matter how much they agree with him. Instead, they will look for the closest match among those they think CAN win.

There are dozens of tough, humorous, verbal-judo type responses to all of the difficult questions and innuendo thrown out in these interviews. Dr. Paul's been on the campaign trail for 3 out of the last 5 years and should be rattling them off in his sleep instead of taking their bait. The interviewers are probably shocked that a politician is actually playing along with their leading questions instead of using them to flip to his message.


I love Ron Paul, but there is room to be even better. Think how awsome he is in the debates. Id like to see him give the MSM that fire power on a regular basis. They should fear talking to you as much as they fear you Dr. Paul!!! And It helps to fire us up when you get pissed...maybe because its so rare that its shown.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

I agree, I think he is doing so well

with the movement, I very thankful that I started paying attention last year. I immensely enjoyed him going after the other candidates in the debate and I know he is tired and busy and all that, he does so much for us I want to do the most for him. I want him to win. That interview with Stephanopolous in 08' was disgusting...and I know the message is being spread but unfortunately America is really dumbed down and very close to economic collapse and war. In order to get the most votes, I think he doesn't have to abandon being the nice guy he is, but I would like if he could to be a little more fiery when he is on tv, because I just think the perception given is that he is just in it for a platform at the convention when I wish he could convey that President is what he wants the most and these clowns would not treat him so poorly if he stood up more often and fired back facts like Jesse did the other day. The supporters are great, we are winning the info war, but I just wanted to explain in a post how I think he can maximize the interviews so that people latch on at a higher rate...


I love Ron Paul, but there is room to be even better. Think how awsome he is in the debates. Id like to see him give the MSM that fire power on a regular basis. They should fear talking to you as much as they fear you Dr. Paul!!! And It helps to fire us up when you get pissed...maybe because its so rare that its shown.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

you try to do what ron paul does & then start doing some judging

and dont post things like this in public view. It gives the enemy ammunition to work with. Be tactful & discrete...unless you are not a real supporter. In that case I know why you post this link. If you are a supporter understand that many people outside of our fold read what you write. Be discrete.

james williams

I never said he was bad in interviews...

I simply said they are points in certain interviews where I wish he could articulate how he can still win or why they are wrong and have some zest with the answers. People will say "who is this Ron Paul guy and why does the media hate him so much?" instead of "I guess they are right, he didnt really say anything contesting that Romney and Santorum are likely going to be the nominee"
I don't know, I just want him to win and win now and I see a tiny flaw in his ability to fire back at MSM at times and I wanted to get everyones opinion from a post about the way I see it..


Consider the mans age and overwhelming /hectic daily schedule.
Obi Ron is our last hope, unless you can do better... move on Look for ways to compliment his work, our work, and stay positive as well as constructive.!

OP is 100% correct

For those of you telling the OP to "shup up" and "deal", consider taking your own advice. If the subject is tired to you, then don't read it. Pretty simple. To me, the relevance is renewed every time I see an interview where RP does just as the OP describes.

Stop pretending like there isn't MILES of room between being a "smooth talking chest puffer" and not appearing like an MSM doormat. We all know there are lots of superficial people watching whose votes mean just as much as yours or mine. They only see a guy "failing in the polls" whose letting the shiny reporter insult him and not doing a damn thing about it. They think, "If he's not going to defend himself. How can we expect him to defend the country. Where's that chubby fella who yells at the reporters? I like him."

Let's welcome the OP and say "Good observation," THEN show him the link where it's already been discussed.




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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

usually the weak

want to see someone puffing out their chest, so they can feel "security".

you're not going to get much chest puffing from Paul. if you feel insecure, that's your own problem.

this has been Paul's style, and has been know for years.


I think he can stand his ground,

I agree with this post for the most part, he can lash back at the MSM and tell the truth without being obnoxious, not trying to sound all defiant per-say, just saying "hey look, you guys see it one way, we happen to believe we have more reliable numbers, and point out the fact, everyone knows Maine was messy"...ect.

Im just saying

The people don't know how well he is doing because all they hear 24/7 is he is in last and the battle is between Romney and Santorum. I wish he would be more aggressive and fiery with his answer to the question. Most people see him in the debates and like when he is passionate. I wish he would not let them tell him, in essence, "you lost you haven't won anything, you should get out"
He needs to not have such a lackidaisical approach to some of his answers if he wants to make the best of the rest of the primaries. Coming out of this interview on Bloomberg today, I would think he has no chance of winning the nomination, why bother even voting, if I was busy with work and life and barely paid attention to the race

I know what you mean. I have

I know what you mean. I have my moments of wishing Ron Paul would to this or do that, but in the end you have to admit he looks a heck of a lot better than any of the others.

He always comes across real and responds with good honest answers. His way comes across as a wise man instead of an arogant proud man like the others.

You don't seem to realize that the passionate debate answers are right for the environment. An interview isn't always the best place for that sort of response and not that easy to pull off.

Relax. Don't be so intent on winning that you want to change the very person we all like.

I have often thought the same....

Paul needs to be more aggresive. He is too nice. If he could take it to a talking head like Benton did recently - it might help.

He needs to start detailing how he plans to implement a competing domestic currency and how it might affect the life of an average citizen.


shut up, listen and learn.......then spread the word.

He did not get beat up. If you go back you'll actually see where he laughed at one of their idiotic questions. I think he really thought they were a lost cause, but still worthwhile to keep in front of the people.

There is no need to discuss this topic...it's old and uneventful. Most of us have passed that by.

You, on the other hand are full of knowledge and ideas...go out and influence others to get involved in the the process to get Ron Paul elected if you haven't already.

Welcome, Newbie

I knew by your heading that you must be new.

Those of us who've been around for a while have gotten past the superficialities and agree with Ron Paul, who says, "I'm not the best messenger, but I have the best message," or words to that effect.

Stick around, and you'll get to appreciate him, and what really counts is how well can you do with the message when you talk to your neighbors, family, and friends?

If you want a smooth-talker, look elsewhere.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Very condescending

It is somehow not comforting to know that the hard-core fans who have been following Paul for years have gotten past these superficialities. Because I assure you the 70 million people we need to actually win the presidency have not.

Ron himself has frequently acknowledged trying to improve his message delivery. His best debates came late in the season and showed some obvious coaching. Most political leaders are not born orators, they learn it through very hard work. Ron simply hasn't made "smooth talking" a priority in his career and if we're being honest we have to admit it is one of the biggest barriers to bringing in new supporters.

Thats not the point and I am fairly new to the site but not Ron

My point is, I want him to be the PRESIDENT. I dont want him to be a messenger although that is good it doesn't solve any problems. Even Gerald Celente agrees with me that Ron has to be more solid in his responses. If they fire on him, he has to fire back. People liked him when he fired back at debates and got semi-angry. If he brought that passion to the interviews, they wouldn't walk all over him. Look what Benton did when they did it him, he SHOT BACK!
I wish Paul would do it more, because we know he can still win and interviews are a small part in the liberty brush fires. Look like a winner, you win!

I agree with what you say

I agree with what you say here, but you have to admit that if he wanted to he could do a little preparation and be far more effective. In fact there are times you can tell he's going back and remembering something someone told him he should say and in those times he often comes across better.

I just don't get why if you wanted to do the best job you could spreading your message you wouldn't work on all parts of your "game" so to speak.

If he had some clear, concise, bite size type answers (the type that the brilliant Tom Woods often offers up to him) he'd be far more effective.

I too am used to it and don't worry about it because it won't change, but it seems to be more something Ron doesn't feel like doing even if it would be very beneficial.