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Dr. Paul on Piers Morgan 3/26: Ron Paul "A National Treasure"


March 26, 2012
Ron Paul on CNN w/ Piers Morgan
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul will be on CNN tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern with Piers Morgan


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I like it when Dr. Paul uses a big stick to whack stupid people.

Just watched this video again, and had to cheer for Dr. Paul. I wish he would be more like this from now on. It gets on my nerves when people ask him stupid/biased questions, then cut him off while he's graciously answering them, or try to talk over him. He's usually so nice, but these ruthless interviewers with their own obvious agenda are so disrespectful and deplorable. Keep smiling, but use the big stick more often, Dr. Paul!

Brilliance, Ron Paul is....

or is it just sensible and our nation has gone away from that.

A friend of mine from Switzerland likes her health care plan, she only had to pay $750 per month for it. Can you imagine? The same thing will happen here, if we do not speak out against it!!

$750 a month is nothing.

I have a lady paying $1400 a month here in California, and Obamacare has not even started.


They will sell it to you

Like the turd covered in icing it is.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

What a weasel that limey is.

What a weasel that limey is.

The Swiss? Really?

Piers just made the argument for DECENTRALIZED health care. And Piers that dumbass doesn't even realize it.

7 million souls in Switzerland. That barely qualifies as a country.

We have cities that big.

If it works great for 7 million, it should work great for 300,000.

And probably work horribly for 700 million or 350 million.

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Talk-Back Paul

This is the first time I've heard Ron Paul talk-back to a rude question. Paul never fails to amaze me with his great come-backs. Every question, even bad ones, give Paul an opportunity clean-up the minds of listeners. ..saying "We fought the British.." to the British. :) ..and the response "You be fighting the British tonight". Hilarious. I thought it ended well.

Off with the Talking Head!

Screw Piers Morgan. This guy deserves a good beat down. How dare this British fuck disrespect one of the truest -- if not the truest -- American patriots in our time. How dare he disrespect a veteran of the US Air Force, the same veteran that served during the Cold War when Gingrich ducked. How dare he disrespect this practiced physician, a doctor who has delivered over 4000 babies. How dare he disrespect this seasoned Congressman who is a candidate for the US Presidency.


Piers Morgan had all four GOP candidates on his show. Paul's was the only one that lead off with 'he won't be the next president of the United States...'. Mr. Morgan is a socialist and through the news networks the Brits and like-minded want and are promoting socialism. That is why they want Paul out of the GOP field.

Piers is respectful & Mandate not only core of romneycare

i don't think indiv mandates is the only or main core of obamacare and romneycare and uk gov't program. i think obamacare and romneycare intrude on privacy and control who gets healthcare and how much healthcare practioners get paid, hence taking out market regulations and motivation. bureaucracy and politics will then rule who gets healthcare and how much and when. and you have the added privacy issue. i rather trust indiv healthcare co and doctors to make the call with patients on indiv needs for healthcare, rather than a gov't board dictating all of that as well as price.

Piers is usually always respectful of his interviees, like jay leno and his predecessor larry king.

the switzerland gov't healthcare system doesn't have as many features and restrictions and vague wording, so piers is way off in saying swiss gov't healthcare is similar to obamacare and romneycare.


Adam vs Piers

Not related to ron paul but funny none the less http://youtu.be/chDDJ2EolC0

I love Adam Carolla! This was

I love Adam Carolla!
This was hilarious! thanks for the video!

Yes! Finally he called them out!

Atta boy Ron Tell em! No one respects somebody who just lies down and takes it. He had some respect by the end of that interview. Way to fight back!

I refuse to watch the pig

I refuse to watch the pig that is Piers Morgan.

All he ever says is something to the effect of: "pweease can you dwop out, pwetty pwease!!! waaahhhhhh!!!"

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

interview was awesome

Paul really shined , and Yes Piers is a dick but I believe he has a true respect for paul because he knows what the Dr. is up against, true GOP ruthlessness!!!

paul cracked me up with the silly question comment ,

good ol Doc !!

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

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I love when Dr. Paul involuntarily guffaws

when someone says something idiotic, like when Morgan said that "healthcare is free in my country."

Can you believe someone would actually say this on national television. 21st century westerners have no grip on reality.

Well said

"...it undermines the concept of freedom and undermines the concept of what America is all about."

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I cought part of this at

I caught part of this at work, Piers is a jerk, RP major class as always. He must have the patience of a saint, i would be disgusted long ago by all the stupid/pointless questions.....

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"


For Christs sake Piers Morgan sure has a short memory I mean lest he forget Lord James of Blackheath stood up in the House of Lords last month and exposed massive financial skullduggery and violation of IMF regulations by the Federal Reserve with Alan Greenspan and Tim Geithner as major players in fraud amounting to $15 trillion ... and he wants Dr. Paul to go away?
Why doesn't Morgan have both Lord James and Dr. Paul on his program for an hour talking about the Federal Reserve and Foundation X

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Ron Paul...


He slays it, as usual!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

that why he da BOSS

that why he da BOSS

he don't take no ****

Quit gop or not quit, regardless there are no more debates.

debates ended over a month ago and with little media coverage, noone is talking about the fed, etc..., just some chest thumping and empty rhetoric by romney and promises to be an etch a sketch and disappoint conservatives and further take down the gop.

paul more than likely will not be in the debates in the general unless he goes third party very soon. gop race is essentially over, they've essentially kicked newt out, stopped the debates, and are pressuring santorum to relent.

third party is gop/dnc's worst nightmare, that is the thought of being challenged and losing voters to non-estab parties.

However, Paul did an excellent job in the interview and that national treasure quote should be used in a quote if he wants to go third party rather than having his supporters stick with gop.


He kept looking off to the side

"You are a national treasure," is what the teleprompter must have said. Good reading, Mr. Piers! Good writing, Neil Cavuto!

Of course I know none of this. It's just fun to pretend.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

One thing you need to

One thing you need to consider is Piers Morgan is British and the British PM Cameron's one of economic advisers is Nassim Taleb. Piers still has to ask the tough questions (big part of the job - would be a career limiting move not to do so) but the fact he keeps giving the good Dr. air time is to me, a major plus.

All of these media types want to keep their jobs first and foremost - some are decent (Piers, Morning Joe, Wolf Blitzer), others are pure shills. YMMV

This was probably like good ol' 18th century politics.

An English "Gentleman" vs. an American "Patriot". haha

You know, I've actually liked listening to Piers most of the time, but I'm sure he like many other MSM pundits are pressured to ask the questions they do. I haven't seen Piers be rude to Ron Paul in the past, but the Communist News Network really knows how to put the pressure on.
Erin Burnett being somewhat new still, seems like she really hasn't been biased towards anyone... YET, but I'm sure she's going to get the pressure from CNN soon enough.
Last year, I was kind of liking listening to Erin & Piers, but you just know... you just know it's only a matter of time before CNN starts putting the screws to them, and pressuring them to fold to their interests.

I Was

up late last night eating at like 3am and I was watching Piers. Then he goes "when we come back, I'll ask Ron Paul about the healthcare issue". It was such a great surprise! Had no idea he was gonna be on there! And RP NAILED it, my favorite was when he started talking about fighting the British in the Revolutionary war. Of course CNN would hire a British communist for a prime time spot. I say communist cause every time I watch him, he talks about free healthcare, education, restricting access to guns, etc

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Why do socialists like Piers come here

and complain about the little freedom we have left? Why not stay in the socialist paradise of Britain and bask in the glories he admonishes us to mimic?

Switzerland's Health Care is DISSIMILAR to ObamaCare

Switzerland's Health Care mandate is done at the Canton (County) Level, not the Confederate Level. Their Health Care is funded and benefited from at the Canton Level.

So is Social Security, Schools, and just about everything else.

Switzerland's Unemployment rate is 3.4% and they count EVERYBODY who is out of work. Not just those who file for unemployment.

Switzerland's Central Bank is mandated to keep their money supply as stable as is POSSIBLE.

Want to see a Modern Constitution that is not open to Interpretation by a bunch of crooks? http://endisfar.com/swissconstitution.pdf

Not to mention the Army requirement

I mean - could you imagine the libtards when we tell them you HAVE to serve in the military as a requirement of citizenship. I will gladly let you keep Obamacare in exchange for mandates military service - OMG - that would be a great debate!

yeah I was like WTF when he came up with this..

I think they prepare for interviews like this in a way that they have some plan a b c to bring RP off of telling the truth.


It doesnt work. Ron Paul is on a roll since he knows that the whole youth stands behind him.


he countered it brilliantly with saying they might be able to finance it cause they are the blueprint of a peaceful nation not attacking any country ever spending trillions aboard..(paraphrased)