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My First Ron Paul Video - Can you Afford to Ignore Ron Paul?

Hi everyone. I am new to this forum so first of all, hello :).

I have wanted to create a Ron Paul video for a while now and have spent a short amount of time making this one. It is most certainly a different approach than other videos, and some may view it as "negative". However I believe this will give the hard kick some people need to wake them up.

For Liberty!


Please leave some feedback here and on the video, thank you.

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More people need to see this!

Please share it on daily paul, facebook, forums, twitter e.t.c.

My first Ron Paul video, it has had a great response!

You have done

an excellent job with that video; keep them coming. The truth needs to be told.

Welcome to DP my fellow Libertarian...

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


i have been asking people

if they know what the NDAA is. So far not a single sheep has any idea at all. The brainwashing of people through the media is staggering. Most people aren't political. They just watch football. Is it any wonder these idiot football players make 10 million a year? When I DO explain what it is, you can see the trance POP for a second, just a second, before they go back to it. I never get follow up questions. Nothing. they are deep in their programming.

nice vid

very simple and powerful.
i hope it engages some people who have rational thinking left in them !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


For Liberty. If you don't realize we are standing at the precipice - you need to kill your TV.

i liked it

very much.

Thank you!

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Very well done. I am glad you

Very well done. I am glad you asked for the vote. One thing they said at my republican meeting tonight was that candidates for different offices should ALWAYS ask for money. Every speech. I was thinking they should also ask for the vote. You know what? Ron rarely does either of these two things, and, as much as I never say anything he "should" do..I am gonna say it now. He needs to ask for money and ask for votes. Every speech, every time.

Well made video! The tone of

Well made video! The tone of video and the music catches the darkness in our future, the coming of the hour for us to wake up or be taken by the wave of anarchy and possible loss of our freedoms. We need to keep spreading the message that there is an option.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

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Its a powerful video. I'm

Its a powerful video. I'm glad your on our side. As a Ron Paul supporter I believe his doomsday prediction could very well be true. I am concerned however that the video could be too scary and seem too radical to be used to win over new supporters for Ron Paul.I am an older voter who has recently become a Ron supporter after investigating things I heard him say in the debates and finding everything he said to be true. It took a month or so to counteract 50 years of brainwashing by the media. I am unsure whether years of brainwashing can be reversed in one 30 second video even if it is very powerful and the truth. I think we need to win new converts over a little at a time.Of course I am just giving my opinion based on my life experience.

Yeah I thought that too

I agree it may seem too radical and too scary. The point of the video was to have a different approach at waking people up. I'm sure some will be like "Well I like some of his policies or just don't understand why he is right". This video proves he has been completely correct in the past and if his prediction comes true not voting for him is dangerous.

My first Ron Paul video, it has had a great response!

Im happy for you

that you were able to find the truth in his message. You are a rare one when it comes to having an open enough mind to research for yourself and come to these conclusions. Its hard to bust through all the lies and propoganda, ESPECIALLY after 50 years of the brainwashing. I hope God continues to bless you.

How lo0ng have you been a Ron Paul supporter?

I loved the video too.

Front Page Please!

Brillant!!Thank You!Passing it on making it go viral!AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted that on my facebook immediately! Well done sir!

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Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!

Good job!

Good job!

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the pice to make them come true."

I really like it too.

Good stuff there and thanks for posting it here.

I want to make videos. Can you tell me what software you used to make this one? Thanks.

Software for video editing

I used Sony Vegas, but I would be happy to use any decent video editor as long as it has multiple movie slots, unlike windows movie maker on Vista.

My first Ron Paul video, it has had a great response!

Okay, now I cannot wait until your 2nd, 3rd & 4th video

That was your first video and you were worried it would be construed as negative?

Incredible job on that video.

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Great Job!

and an excellent message.

Very well done

We need more more more.. You have a talent that can help Dr. Paul. Thank you for your time & posting for us.

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Get this out! Very powerful

That is awesome!

Nicely done...

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

That includes losing your freedom!


"Let it not be said that we did nothing."

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I liked it; good job.

I liked it; good job.