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Mini Money Bomb to hit $1 Million Now!

I'm a long time lurker and regular at another forum, but I wanted to try to extend a welcome hand to anyone willing to participate in getting this Moneybomb to the $1 Million goal during Ron Paul's Piers Morgan interview coming up any minute now.

We've got almost 10 pledges, in a last minute notice, and that number should have grown even more.

Anyone willing to donate just a little more to push this ticker to the $1 Million mark during Paul's interview?

Let's show him our love and bump this ticker ourselves!

Who's with me?

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You can add $500.00 to the ticker

But have no credit card, so it's going by money order.

I promise you, it will be sent in 48 hours. So rise up that ticker. Will see about stirring up more from others. Fight-back spirit after watching the Bloomberg "joke" interview.

Those rats, they say "you haven't won," when he surely have won. They are simply cheating us. Now, they phrase it, "Haven't won any primaries."

Let's change that BIG TIME!!!