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The Final 4 - Sudden Death Overtime Debates, Please

Why no more republican debates? The debates should carrry on until a candidate wins the 1,144 necessary delegates. What is this, soccer? There are no ties in politics!

So the media thought the GOP race would be locked up by now. They were wrong. The race is far from over. It's overtime, but they refuse to admit the game isn't over. They act as if Romney won, even though everyone watching knows Romney hasn't locked up anything besides his gaffe prone mouth.

The previous debates that have taken place look like a complete joke in retrospect. Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Jon Huntsman...they ate up a LOT of hot airtime. So much time was wasted on candidates that are now out of the race. While the media focused on these candidates, Ron Paul was essentially ignored until they all started dropping like flies.

Herman Cain and Rick Perry - the media seriously owes the American people an apology for wasting so much of their precious time by focusing on these two giant duds.

Now that the republican field has dwindled down to 4 candidates, why stop the debates now? That's like getting to the Final 4 and pulling the network TV plug in favor of a sitcom, or the World Series of Poker. What?! Why? Every political junky in the world wants to watch the Final 4!

Let the debate games continue as they should, please. To not have anymore scheduled debates for the republican presidential race is a disgrace.

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Paul and Gingrich were willing to do the recent PBS debate but Santorum & Romney pulled out so it was canceled. I wish there'd be more debates but don't think it will happen bc Frothy & Mittens know they can only do themselves more harm at this point, so they won't agree to it :(

Debates now would not do any candidate but Ron Paul

any good. Nobody has anything new to say yet more people hearing Ron Paul's message just might wake up, exactly what the republican party does not want.