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Wireless Storage System

My computer system automatically transmits images from my network cameras to a public e-mail server (I won't name them publicly). Lately, I first noticed that some or all of the transmitted images weren't returning to me as I keep local copies for comparison of the total images. I've tried various public e-mail providers and the failure to return images persists among them. Either someone at my ISP or someone connected with the public e-mail servers is literally stealing my private property. Since I keep local copies, I know precisely the content, quality, and quantity of the transmitted images. Since I've never had this problem previously, I've decided to drop access to the InterNet in the "near" future. I'm primarily switching to RF broadcasts (SW) for my news and FHSS walkie-talkies for local communication. I won't drop private access to the InterNet immediately. WIFI, both public and private, will still be an option for access to the InterNet as necessary.

In the meantime, I want to still transmit images to a LOCAL storage system, but a remotely hidden one. Hence, the transmission must be wireless and preferably battery-powered. Maybe, I'll use optical one day, but RF wireless will do in the interim. So, I need a wireless storage system on my network to which I can transmit these images. I'm placing this information here because I'd prefer some input from those members of the DP experienced with wireless storage systems.

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