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The month of April..

The media will portray the month of April as the month that "front runners" Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum trading blows and building up their delegate count. This is true. April contains many winner-take-all primaries. And we all know that it will be very hard for Dr. Paul to win a primary state, let alone a winner-take-all state (but hopefully that changes after April).

On April 3 we have three winner-take-all contests in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. Then on April 24 there are primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Both Connecticut and New York are winner-take-all for the congressional district (CD) delegates, and proportional for at-large (AL) delegates. Delaware is winner-take-all. So Dr. Paul's only chance at delegates in these states are the proportional AL delegate contests, and possibly Rhode Island.

Ron Paul will see the bulk of his delegates in April coming from states like Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Missouri. So April will be the month that so many Paul supporters around the country will see the fruits of their labor as the caucus systems comes to a close. On April 12-13 Colorado will be holding their District Convention where the 21 CD delegates will be chosen. April 14 Wyoming and Colorado will hold their State Conventions where Wyoming's 14 and Colorado's 12 AL delegates are chosen. Minnesota's CD delegates will be chosen from April 14-21. Missouri awards their CD delegates on April 24. And April 28 the caucus process starts for 23 of Louisiana's 46 delegates.

The race has only begun. The hope is still alive. You've seen the news of how many Ron Paul supporters are working and fighting to get their spot on the state delegation. Fight hard Ronulans. If we continue this the GOP will not know what hit them. As Romney and Santorum get all the spotlight winning more primaries, Dr. Paul will go under the radar winning the conventions in states where Romney and Santorum "won" the vote. Keep your heads up and march forward, we can win this thing!