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2 'Give Me Liberty' Money Bombs?

Hi everyone,

I am a little bit confused about the 'Give Me Liberty' Money Bomb. I received an email from John Tate a week ago titled 'Give Me Liberty', which basically announced the money bomb and had the following link to donate:


I donated to this one, yet the amount of money raised is very different from the amount shown on ronpaul2012.com. I am hoping that somehow the fund got split, and will be combined together later for $1 million+ total. Anyone have an explanation for this?


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The link your message have is not a money bomb itself.

It was pre money bomb pledge event. It was not actual donation but your voluntarily commitment to donate the amount you showed to the actual money bomb. I believe it is not late and you still can contribute.

For liberty,

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this was the pledge run prior to gauge potential magnitude

pledging now to an event that already happened does not help their predictive capacity.

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