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The Latest Attack On Paul's Character: Campaign Funds Become Family Affair

A Washington Times article recently came out attempting to make Paul look like a hypocrite. The same congressman who does not vote for tax increases is accused in this report by the Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics (CREW). The article details the accusations including:

- In 2008 and 2012 campaign the Paul campaign spent $300,000 for salaries of family members

- His Liberty Political Action Committee reimbursed for travel, gifts, flag, and etc.

The article also mentions that 248 members of congress also are complicit. The article gives examples of the misconduct.

Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics was founded in 2003 as a counter to the conservative Judicial Watch says its founder Norman Eisen. Eisen is currently the US ambassador to the Czech Republic and Obama's first ambassador nominee. Before that Eisen was in the transition team to president elect Barack Obama.

Mixed mainstream media reports recount the bias and non bias of CREW in their attacks of members of congress. Time Magazine said that CREW is "one of a wave of new groups backed by liberal donors" and Politico article said that the group was "a vehicle for assaults on largely – but not entirely – Republican targets". The Associated Press said of CREW that it "has a history of targeting members of Congress representing different races, philosophies and both major parties."

Hilary Clinton, former US Senator from New York and current Secretary of State was also instrumental in the early days of CREW. According to the book Her Way: The Hopes And Ambitions of Hilary Rodham Clinton she and her associates where instrumental in brainstorming for the organization. Jodi Sakol, a associate of then senator Clinton, was invited to these brainstorming sessions later telling Clinton that the organization needed "Democratic Progressive Money". Sakol was invited by Melanine Sloan who was a founder and current director. Her career includes working on staff for three Democrat congressmen including current Vice President Biden. The American Prospect article by Mike Elk accused Sloan of being in partnership with for profit lobbyists attacking the credibility of pro-student lending reform advocates.

CREW's history and alleged left wing bias is of concern for the motivation of this report and focus on Paul compared to other members of congress. Most likely it deals with Paul being the only member of Congress who is running for president. The article is currently on the The Drudge Report which Rick Santorum has criticized for being pro Romney.

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