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How do we get the next Money Bomb to really go off BIG?

I know that nobody else can raise a million bucks just for the asking. BTW he is still about $2400 short for this one so, if you have not dropped a few bucks on the campaign, you may want to.

I know some are tapped out or have maxed out and they can always contribute by getting more new people to chip in a few bucks.

Yet, we have seen Dr. Paul supporters drive up the biggest Money Bombs. IN the '08 campaign we saw 4Mil and then on Dec 16 2007 the inauguration of the Tea Party yielded a record $6 million.

I know that over a million people have voted for Dr. Paul in this election cycle and if everyone of them gave $10 it would be over $10 million. And that's just the states that have voted so far.

I think the DP folks are on top of this. The question is how do we reach the remaining base and communicate about the Money Bomb? I post to meetups I belong to. Others post to facebook.

Maybe the sign waving activities can be leveraged better. For example, new signs that say things like "Money Bomb - RonPaul2012.com", "April 15 2012 - Donate to Ron Paul", "April 15 2012 - Stop Tyranny", and others. I am sure that people can come up with some excellent slogans that focus on each Money Bomb. Overpass banners too. I'll make up a couple for the next sign wave and see how it goes over.

I think we just need to find ways to be sure that all Ron Paul supporters get the word.

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Sorry to advertise in

Sorry to advertise in comments but it is very important that we start NOW to market,promote and advertise the next money-bomb... GML was a painful reminder of theneed to pre plan these and get as much involvement as possible. With Texas andCalifornia coming up THIS IS CRUCIAL. -- Many of us have been over stretchedand taken on debt due to the lack of promotion for the Give Me Liberty bomb --With the race this far in and delegates coming out in scores for Ron Paul, fromthe hard fought caucus states, we cannot relent!

Please upvote this DailyPaul bread!


Please vote for the next Money-bomb in this bread!


Please help chipin for the development team spearheading this fund raisingeffort... in this bread!


President or not, the Revolution is happening and it grows at the local level.


You should be on the ballot for your local Republican Central Committee.

This ^

This ^

I promote the money bombs on FB often

and many times my angle is - we dont' all have to donate a lot - we just all have to donate something. I use his FB page as an example - there are over 900K likes there...if 10% of those or 90K of the people who like his FB page would donate $10 that would be $900,000 right there.....the math really works in our favor on this....I think many people are tapped out and the economy isn't the best...but I always think if we just had a way to reach everyone and just ask for $10 or even $5 it would add up ....and Paul supporters are typically the most ardent and passionate.

Any ideas of how to do some kind of event that just asks for $5 or $10.....the power of which is we are asking for an amount of money that I think most people could find a way to part with without it being any kind of financial burden and the second great thing about it - is it does add up to real money for the campaign when you get everyone to participate.

The challenge is ....how do we promote it in such a way that all 900K of those Ron Paul FB like people are reached ???

We don't all need to donate a lot of money ....WE JUST ALL NEED TO DONATE

any thoughts or ideas would be welcome

I am thinking about trying to do an event page and getting people to pledge just $10 or maybe I should try just $5

It all about reaching people though

Don't Forget Your Parents

Don't forget your parents, and the parents of your friends.

Many aren't on FB.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

It's a worn-out tactic.

The "money-bomb" is no longer a "money-bomb" when you have them seventeen-thousand times every week.

It isn't the title, or the theme, of the money-bomb that's the problem.

The problem is too many money-bombs.

Time for a new idea.

Have fewer of them, plan well

Have fewer of them, plan well in advance, and advertise.

It is all up to Ron Paul.

He needs to drop a bombshell. Tell a BIG truth, something verifiable, something that will make the truthers trust him again.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm working with Freedom Broadcasting Network to...

produce a "Moneybomb Marathon" with special appearances by celebrities who support Ron Paul. Just waiting for my friend, Rex Brocki, to complete the narration, sometime today, so we can take it to potential sponsors.

If you like this proposal, please vote up this comment, as we would like to enlist Michael Nystrom's support.

We need a video. Something

We need a video. Something viral like Kony 2012.

Also, how can we reach out to celebs?

Some of them have thrown their weight behind Paul vocally, but can use their celebrity to raise support?

Yes But

The launch of the video needs to be coordinated in order to make it go viral like we want

If you want a moneybomb to go off big

you're going to have to think way outside the box.

-quiet engineer


I agree

April 15th is a big day... we

April 15th is a big day... we should all have sign wave that day

The night of the 14th is the night to put out tons of Ron Paul signs all over town: