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'Ghost ship' off Canada heralds arrival of tsunami debris

Dear God,

As if we don't have enough distractionary craziness already. Here now we see the "arrival" of the debris field from Japan.


What is not being discussed is the fact that if this stuff is hitting the west coast, then so also is the radioactive water. :(

Just got and checked some canned tuna today and guess what? You don't want to know.

We have seen readings today around 55 CPM when just a few days ago they were around 47 CPM (5-60 CPM are normal background levels). There has been a noticeable increase in the normal background radiation here in these last few days with more predicted. After hearing about the rises in Japan also, we now know why.

UPDATE: 3-27-12 pm-Today's radiation count outside was 63 CPM. Trending upwards. :(


Apparently, unbeknownst to the public, these reactors are getting worse with a worst case scenario still brewing, or in the works. It is the number four reactor that is of concern and number two also. If it falls over, or melts any more, the outcome will effect every human being east of it as it has slowly been doing since last year March 11th.


We are hearing many reports about thyroid problems that are only related to the amounts of radiation hitting the west coast. Now we see the debris field coming. We know the water is already there. If you live on the west coast, protect yourself. Ask for more info if you need it.


Please, if you are not already, please be taking light amounts of Potassium Iodide as we have. Still ticking strong here even in the higher background surroundings that are only getting hotter radiation wise. We have watched this since last year when it happened and are healthier for following protocols to protect our selves and inner dwellings.

This really scares the heck out of the govt to think the people are going to find out just how bad this really is. This is why we see so many carnival shows, bread, and circuses to distract people from real uncontrollable issues like this.


Know when the jet stream is above you.


May love find you all.


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China Syndrome going on now?

Looks like this is getting so bad they can not hold it back.

Pray this is not true folks.


This guy is really angry and is cussing up a storm with a lot of F-bombs so be aware of this before you play the video.

He reports what is going on there about the china syndrome that is happening. After watching this catastrophic nightmare for a year, it has done as we said it would last year. Only gotten worse. Ignorance does not make it go away.


Good news today. The reading is down to 53 CPM outside. Just more indications of the waves that keep hitting the US and if this number 2 reactor keeps getting hotter, it is going to get worse. :(

Do you know how to seal yourself indoors and are you ready to stay there for an indefinite amount of time?

Sorry if this truth hurts you or upsets you in any way. The truth has always been a terrible cross to bare and this is happening like the vote fraud because NO ONE is getting off their collective duffs and DOING anything about it.

Look at the media cover up and law enforcements lack of real duty in the soetero/obama birth certificate cover up. There is no common law any more, only corporate/admiralty tyrannous law for profit.

God created this country, and will destroy it for the sin of ignorance of the messengers truth.

One day at a time people. We are living in the last days of Pompeii.


bumping with . . .

concern, not standing in the rain/snow/hail . . .

but still gardening, filtering the water--

and praying for every good-hearted person in the world--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Good advice.

Stay informed.

Thanks for your concern.


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Read This!

Here is more from Alexander Higgins who is really on top of this subject:


As this goes the wayside, barring any more disastrous calamities, stay up to date at Enenews.com



Any pictures for those of us 'reading impaired' folks?

For the, illiterate boobadoos?


O.k., had to find my own picture.. what is this world comin' to? Gee :- )

For Those Who Rely On the US Media

It's not overreacting

if anything this has been downplayed way to much Fukishima is very bad 72 Sv per hour and imo you could safely double that and fyi at those doses you will die very fast,4 Sv is considered a lethal dose and would kill you in about a month.They just announced that there is only 2ft of water cooling the fuel which is just shocking and should scare the bejeezus out of anyone,keep in mind this is only reactor two they have yet to be able to asses the other two crippled reactors which some have speculated are in complete meltdown.

Radiation doesn't just go away anything in the vicinity of the reactors will be irradiated so a ship from that area should make one leery at the very least.

Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.

where do you buy KI?

"you" as in yourselves. Also, what are the recommended doses, and can KI be harmful itself?

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We use this stuff

You can get get some Liqui-kelp at Vitamin Cottage.

Here is a link that shows what we use.


We take small amounts of this at least every couple days or so in some juice.

There are others, but this has worked for us. Having this in your preparedness kit is a good idea as we may see another rush on this stuff if this gets worse, which is the only thing it can do because no one or nothing can stop the meltdowns of these reactors.

Pray if you do, and research all you can about this subject. Again, it will not matter who is president if this continues on the path it is going.


Thanks and...

two more questions:

1) Won't a kelp-based product, especially one bought relatively recently, have the potential to do more harm (because its from the ocean)?

2) Do you think that the 100% daily value dose enough for now (I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area)/will it be enough in a more drastic situation?

Read the article! There is nothing... only hype!

Read the article more carefully, then you will sleep better:) Here are some extracts:

Ghost ship' off Canada heralds arrival of tsunami debris
...empty Japanese fishing boat drifting off the coast of western Canada could be the first wave of 1.5 million tons of debris heading toward North America

...wreckage from flattened Japanese coastal towns - including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, roofs and fishing nets - is heading inexorably east across the Pacific and could arrive sooner than expected

...early indication is that things sitting higher up on the water could potentially move across the Pacific Ocean quicker than we had originally thought," said Nancy Wallace, director of NOAA's Marine Debris Program, which had forecast the appearance of tsunami debris on North American shores only in 2013

..."Those higher-wind, quicker moving items may actually be onshore much sooner - pretty much now."

...The ship has been declared a hazard to shipping, but Canada has not said what - if anything - it will do with it.

...The so-called ghost ship is the first major piece of evidence(!?) that Japanese tsunami debris is heading to the United States.

..."It does confirm that debris generated by the tsunami will make landfall on the west coast of North America," said Nicholas Mallos, a conservation biologist and marine debris specialist at the independent Ocean Conservancy, which monitors the problem of Ocean trash.

...(and most definitively this line:) "However, what the quantity of that debris is, what it looks like, all of those questions are still largely unanswered."

...NOAA, ..., initially expected to find debris hitting the northern Hawaiian islands this winter and moving slowly onto Alaska, Canada and the U.S. West Coast next year. But those forecasts... are proving inaccurate.

...The agency is finding(?!) that debris is moving north of Hawaii's northernmost points, and making its way to the continent ahead of schedule, said Wallace. It is now tweaking its forecast to account for new material, such as analysis of recent oil spills and how wind will affect some objects more than others.

...we are trying to get that methodology of the new models validated by peer review (?!?)

...the extent and composition of the debris is unclear(?!). For about a month after the tsunami, a 'debris field' was visible by satellite. But it has since been dispersed, making it impossible to track except from vessels.

...It is impossible to say how much of that will break up and sink en route and how much will end up on American beaches.

... there is large variability in terms of how dispersed the debris is. It's certainly not a solid floating mass of debris."

...Mallos is set to embark on a one-month voyage from Tokyo to the Hawaiian island of Maui on June 1 to follow the projected path of the debris and finds out more about it. (good luck)

...One of the difficulties is how to distinguish tsunami debris from regular ocean trash, which is a growing issue in its own right.

...Unfortunately debris is a problem every single day," said Wallace (Really now?) We're doing baseline monitoring of debris ... working closely with locals, ... so that if there's an upswing in debris we might be able to trace it back to the tsunami."

...The NOAA advises people to clear up small pieces of trash - such as plastic bottles - but to report heavy or potentially dangerous items to local authorities.

... (and a classic) What we are saying is, if you see anything let us know. And also if you don't see anything, let us know that too ..." said Wallace.

... (and not to be outdone...) "Will there be a flotilla of washing machines across the Pacific Ocean? No. Could there be an appliance here and there? Yes, it's a possibility." (Reporting By Bill Rigby; editing by Mohammad Zargham)

Time to focus on the nomination!

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Seek the truth. It is out there.

Radiation spikes in Tokyo at Shinjuku detector — Up to triple normal levels
Published: March 27th, 2012 at 3:34 pm ET

Source: Security Tokyo
Date: March 28, 2012

Average: 0.05 microSv/h
Spike 1: 0.167 microSv/h at 02:00 JST (1:00p ET)
Spike 2: 0.122 microSv/h at 03:30 JST (2:30p ET)
Lots more here:

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...works Steve.

FYI: uSv/hr = microSv/h.

Our Inspector counter in the garden today had a high reading of .345 uSv/hr.


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Many on the Titanic believed the hype that it was unsinkable.

All is well for the people saying that the worst is over from Fukushima. That situation is better, the economy is also better, all is well. Go back to sleep, now. [satire for those awake.]
‘Fukushima reactor in crisis again’
AFP | Mar 28, 2012, 05.22AM IST

TOKYO: A new probe at Japan's crippled nuclear power plant has found fatal radiation levels and hardly any cooling water inside one of the reactors, renewing concerns about plant's stability.

The operator of Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant says an endoscopic examination on Tuesday detected radiation levels up to 10 times the fatal dose inside the No. 2 reactor's contain chamber, suggesting challenges ahead in shutting down the facility.

The probe also found the containment vessel had cooling water up to only about 2 feet from the bottom, far below the 10 meters estimated when the government declared the plant's stability in December. Plant workers also reported fresh leaks of contaminated water from a water treatment unit.

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So here is...

...another yahoo story about this that disappeared off the front page as fast as it was posted. They really do not want people to know about this, and when the main stream media is reporting it, it is bad.


We should stay concerned about this and protect ourselves and prepare in case this gets really really bad and dumps a lot more radiation into the jet stream.

The rains are hot!


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This is....

...back in the news today.


I know that its easy to over react to things like this....

but please try not to be so emotional about sizing up what is going on. Being rational and reasonable is why the Ron Paul movement is getting traction. I just so happen to be a nuclear engineer, and this hysteria is an over reaction to the aftermath of the Fukishima disaster. I'm not going to say that there is no impact from the failed reactor cores or the damaged spent fuel pools - there most assuredly will be some residual rise in airborn contamination as junk continues to be released into the atmosphere. But radiation does not show up as symptoms in the thyroid for years after exposure. The likely problem is people over reacting to the issue and over self medicating themselves with potassium iodide. Thiss has happened in the past. There will not be any three eyed fish in our future - no Godzilla's rising up in the sea of Japan - no attack of the killer tomatoes. Folks, be rational, do some research, and use reliable sources like the national academy of sciences or the nuclear regulatory commision. Japan has a heap of trouble on their doorstep, but it is not an insurmountable problem, and we in the US will be OK.

Freedom is not free!

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

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I'm too ignorant of nuclear

I'm too ignorant of nuclear reactors to really parse all this information. I do have family planning to move to Japan soon, though (lived there myself for 3 years as a teen), so these things obviously concern me.

@wcasino, what differentiates this from something like Chernoblyl, for instance? I recall visiting Hiroshima and noting that everyone in the city some 50 years after the event was not sick or dead; what's the difference in how a partially melted reactor spreads radiation and a nuclear bomb after the fact?

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Why you lie?

1. No one is overreacting or hysterical.

2. Being rational also means we are aware of our environment and have tools like the Inspector Geiger counter that does not lie to us about the contamination in the environment here like you do there.

3. These reactors are not failing, they have melted down! The cover up, which you seem to be part of here, is the crime like the vote machine fraud is. All being covered up well.

4. There has been a lot of contamination in the atmosphere since this happened and it is only getting WORSE and they can not continue to cover it up.

5. There has been a huge rise in thyroid related sicknesses reported on the west coast. Just because your media machine does not report it, does not mean it is not happening. Do some investigating and you will find out more than you want to know.

6. People are not "over reacting" so stuff those words down your throat, not others. You cannot over medicate yourself on kelp and sea weed. No one suggested over reacting and "over self medicating themselves" here. Again, your words, so keep them to yourself and do not try a troll trick with this real and important issue. This is an ongoing catastrophe with no answer in sight. IT IS ONLY GETTING WORSE and you and your nuklear industry are doing nothing to stop it because you can't!

7. Name a time when this happened in the past. This is the worst extinction level event to ever take place in the history of mankind. This purposely caused event as well as other accidents that have been covered up in this country, are the major reasons for all the cancer deaths and other related radiation poisoning sicknesses country wide. It is only getting worse.

8. No killer tomatoes? Nice stab at making your spew look ridiculous. I had deformed sunflowers, first to take up the contamination after the hydro/nukulear EXPLOSION on March 14, 2011 last year. Never before seen anomalies galore in our garden. Readings of over .300 uSv/hr. (normal range is .020-.080 uSv/hr) Remember when obama went to south America right after that? The plutonium spread in the jet stream and hit the entire country as the epa rad net monitors were showing before they took them all down to hide what is going on. Like you, still covering up how bad this is. It is not about panic, it is about knowledge and truth. What all Ron Paul supporters want. TRUTH!!!

9. Reliable sources like the aos and nrc? What a farce! This was your big mistake in referring to these organizations that have actively played a huge part in the cover up of this extinction level event. Only now are they stirring and admitting this is as bad as it is. Question is mr nuklear engineer, what are you doing to fix this? And how about this question: after a coronal mass ejection knocks out the grid on half the planet, how are you going to keep what, 300 nuklear plus reactors cooled with out power back up, and lack of fuel to pump waters to cool these reactors? What would you do if that happened tomorrow?

10. And last. Heck yes japan is in a heap of trouble. They have been since even before the fukushima and other reactors not reported on have melted down. Your big lie in saying "it is not an insurmountable problem" reeks with putrid evil because you know that it is out of control and nothing, absolutely NOTHING can stop the reactors that are presently melting down. NOTHING can stop the great threat that either reactor # 2 or # 4 can turn into at any time. If number four falls, that will be the final straw for the human race.

Now quit telling people that this is not a big deal and that it does not matter. If this does continue on the path it is on, it won't matter who is president, we are all gong to be toast, especially considering they will not build proper fail-safe systems for these ancient and dangerous reactors all over the world in the event a CME takes out the power grid, or an EMP is burst over the grid system to do the same damage.

***Sorry to the crew. I am really angry now because this radiation is slowly killing us all and these kinds of idiots think everything is all dandy and that it is not a problem at all. We have seen the cover up of this catastrophic ELE like the fraud in the voting machines.


He lies

because he's a shill for the international reptoid illuminati new world order zionist conspiracy that wants to keep us irradiated because they know it makes us more susceptible to the mind-control flouride they put in our water and spray from jet planes. This, of course, makes it easier for them to round us up into FEMA camps when the time comes for the alien invasion. Fortunately, the effects can be countered with a combination of accupuncture and vitamin supplements.


You said it all. Finally someone did.


This thread is silly

This thread is silly

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So is..

Interesting and informative, thanks


Yeah Im not buying the radioactive water nonsense

I went to the Naval Nuclear Research Laboratory and watched a legit nuclear reaction in a tank of water. There was a bright flash and some glow for a few seconds and you know what the old worker did next?

A kid asked him if the water was dangerous, and so the worker replied "no," then bent down, put his hand in the water and drank two handfuls. The water is perfectly safe. Don't buy into this, everything is fine.

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Go here...

...for more on this subject:



sea water has particles

millions of particles per given volume.

the water is fine. it's the stuff suspended in water that is not.

just something to think about.

Halving thickness

It depends on what the particles are exactly and how concentrated they are at the surface. 7.2" of water halves gamma radiation; alpha and beta can't penetrate nearly as well. Only the surface contaminants are anywhere near dangerous. But they've had a year and thousands of miles of open ocean to disperse--the particles at least.

The particles to worry about

are not the subatomic particles that are emitted as radiation so much as the immensely larger particles that consist of clumps of atoms of radionuclide elements. These can be invisible to the naked eye, like a very, very fine dust, but can lodge in the lungs or in the irregular surface of your skin and repeatedly bombard you in the same tiny site as each unstable atom collapses into a more stable element and shoots out subatomic particles.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.