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When are arrests going to be made?

Where are the investigations in to election fraud besides what WE do with our cameras and youtube? Why have those who have been complicit in blatant and videotaped fraud not been arrested? Where are the grand jury indictments? Why is the man responsible for the one of the caucus fraud events STILL being allowed to run for political office?

I know I am not the only one who feels this way... We want those responsible for election fraud held accountable!!!

Who has contacted their local Sheriff's Office?

For obvious political reasons the campaign will not openly pursue election fraud allegations. It is on US to take it to the next level. Where are the non-profits that are supposed to be election fraud hounds? Millions have fought and died to have the right to vote and the sacrifices of true patriots are being desecrated. This must end NOW...


SSG. R.W. (Ret.)


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bump for activism

Thank you.

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Ask it another way....

...why complain about it if we weren't doing the work the last 4 years to be the vote counters, to be the caucus chairmen or to be the poll workers?

That's a rhetorical question, but please keep it in mind for Rand Paul 2016 which, by the way, has already started.

If we didn't want this to happen in 2012, then we should have been involved since 2007!!!!

If we dont want it to happen to Rand then we STAY INVOLVED and get elected to county chairman, county exec boards, state central committees etc.

It's in OUR hands.

"BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE" - Ron Paul and Mahatma Gandhi

We have to do it ourselves

We need to do two things:

Confirm the stolen votes with legally binding affidavits

Prevent further vote hemorrhaging with vote precinct proof, through confirming the exact vote

This is how we fight back. Let's do this together. Let's get the exact count in DE and CT. Easy enough. Who will help me?

See the court-verified affidavit here:


We know our movement is doing far better than the claims. So, let's prove it ourselves. No one else will help us. Whoever will help, contact me. Putting a team together, now: drkresearch@hotmail.com


seems like a good idea - a second source of totaling the votes is definetly needed. This should be sent to the campaign and/or the creator of the DP. However, people might shy away from signing some sort of legal instrument. RP supporters on the ground video tapping their own exit polling might be most effective. Thanks for posting this.

i feel ya - justice seems so elusive today

and Dick Cheney's case is reviewed and he's judged worthy of a life- extending heart transplant. Boy was I off on THAT one.

Sadly, I must say

even though I share your sentiments and hate to be a wet blanket on hopes, I seriously doubt anything will ever become of it. Why? The Dems went through the same thing. How do you think they got stuck with Obama? With Obama recently "announcing" his re-election to the Russian, I think it would be safe to say that the election has ALREADY been decided.

Given that, do I think we should give up on our efforts? Hell, no! Keep on keeping on but be sure to temper hopes with a dose of knowledge about what can happen. One thing of which I am convinced, there IS election fraud and voter fraud occuring in elections and, sadly, with the active participation of American citizens. Until we can win enough support and attention to this issue, don't expect any miracles. The same gullible, typical American voter is the same gullible, typical American voter aiding in their fraud efforts. P.S. I only call them gullible, etc. to give them SOME benefit of the doubt as to their, IMO, highly suspect moral character.

Are you expecting those

Are you expecting those police in St. Charles county (whoever they were - St. Peters city, Missouri state) to arrest themselves for making illegal & unconstitutional arrests? ;-)

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Sorry - all we have is public opinion.

It is not election fraud when there isn't an election. Nominations in a party are just that - nominations. And, in the case of caucuses there are nominated delegates that aren't registered as candidates with anyone.

There would be no authority for a sheriff to do anything about events at a private meeting.

The best we can hope for is a story being picked up on the Daily Show - I'm serious about that.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Apparently, true of caucuses

but not primaries. Rigging these IS a felony.

Electioneering is a felony and is defined as attempting to influence the course of an election. That's what they are doing.

Thanks for the tip Mohusk

Went to Thd Daily Show to check it out
it has a FORUM

signed up so I can post excerpts and links to here.

a short delay:


Within 1-3 business days we'll send you a message confirming your access to The Daily Show Forum. Then you'll be able to see the boards below and start talking with other TDS fans.

any spot we can be seen
and this forum says it has over 73K members
a few at least will visit here!

is anyone else registered there?

GOP is private. They can

GOP is private. They can cheat all they want and its not illegal. we gotta take em over and chase away the cockroaches.

Sure it is illegal and a case

Sure it is illegal and a case for court and jury! I dont understand, why so much people here dispute that...Because:

If you as a privat-person make a contract, breaking that contract is illegal. If one canditates as a GOP-nominee, he invests time, money and labour under the assumtion, that the contract-partner (the GOP) will follow the rules, under which the contract was made. If the GOP-Chiefs breake the rules, under which the contract was made, they are breaking the contract and stealing your invested time, money and labour. I am quite sure, every US-lawyer will agree with me. Breaking an contract is illegal and a good reason for everybody to go to court and sue the cheater.

I speak german, so please excuse my maybe strange english

Since when is a "private"

Since when is a "private" company not subject to the laws of the corporate registration that they registered under? Parties in primary elections are subject to the election laws just as much as in the general election.

In addition, it seems to me that fraud protection is one of the few valid roles of the government.

GOP is a private club

and they "allow" their members to vote so that they know which candidate would be most likely to perform well on the national level. Truth be told, they can select whomever they want in Tampa. Ron Paul could literally have EVERY SINGLE delegate vote and still not be the nominee, and there is nothing we can do about it.

This is why it is so important for us to fill these GOP positions on the local level. If WE control the GOP, we will finally have a voice.

Hmmmm . . . I was just

Hmmmm . . . I was just wondering. Who is the GOP? And who are "they"?

And how was this "private club" formed as an entity? Isn't it a "registered" party? What does registered mean?

Update: see "knarko" just above for an answer to some of the questions.

The GOP is

a group of individuals that decide every 4 years what rules they want to operate by on the national level. On the state and local level, they can decide to change the rules more often than that. I'm not going to take the time to explain the history of the party, you can look that up yourself.

You and I can decide to start the "Ron Paul is the greatest guy ever Party" tomorrow. We can make up the rules. We can decide that we pick our candidate based on the average of 7 rolls of 6 dice if we want to. We can change those rules when we want. We can even break our own rules. The only recourse of members is to either take over or no longer participate in the party. There is no jurisdiction over our party by an outside entity. If you and I appoint ourselves lifelong co-dictators of that party, until we decide to appoint replacements, that is what it will be.

You have two choices. Get involved and take over your local GOP, or don't. Only one of those options will lead to change. Your choice.

Has anyone filed a criminal complaint?

Unless someone files a criminal complaint and puts pressure on a DA, nothing criminally will happen. Do that and they don't act, then check your state laws about performing a "citizen's arrest". That is VERY risky; but, if you have the law on your side, you should be OK.

You identify yourself as retired military. As such, you have access to the Judge Advocate's Office. I've used it many times.

wasn't any fraud at my

wasn't any fraud at my precinct... I'm left in another state with my hands tied wondering where all my Constitution reading, should know to go to their respective sheriffs because they are the law of the land so to speak of the counties. The perpetrators need to be indicted and have their asses in the hot seat in a court room.


Agreed and Start with MO

The casese in MO were obvious. Conspiracy to commit election fraud.

Heads need to role. People there force your local sheriff, make a peitition and take it to him. Be loud.

Include all counts which were documented in that state and petition that they be prosecuted.