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A personal question.

While Ron Paul advocates peace. I believe we all want it, like you I am tired of the endless unconstitutional wars we are facing today. This all goes out to the war on drug, sex, and guns. (although the later 2 are not outright mentioned). We all get it that there is something in our lives that we are constantly fighting against. Keeping us in a survival mode and not allowing us to grow and become truly free and independent.

So I have a statement and my question to everyone is how can we apply this statement to ourselves and our everyday lives. I don't expect an answer on this forum but simply want everyone who see this to really think about it. So here it is.

"Peace shall not come through governments or religions but through the hearts and minds of the people."

Personally I found while I vote and pray for Ron's Presidentcy. I understand his push for peace isn't one he can reach alone and I must in anyway I can push to achieve peace where and however I can.

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So how do we effect Peace?

You came up with a good way in your opening message. And there are ways and means for all of us to realize peace.

For me it starts by guarding my thoughts since I understand that the Individual has more to offer than one would generally suppose.

Consider that war on this and that cannot get resolved by focusing on war, war, war but rater to focus ones mind and spirit to effect healing which means to allows ones LIGHT to shine...something like being a human Lighthouse. Lighthouses do not go out to the ships and does not join the Captain for dinner, but rather and simply SHINES Its Light to guide the ships/boats safely to shore.

So you see, there is nothing more that we must do other than generating enormous LIGHT which as we know causes darkness and shadows to Vanish.

Wars, Harmful Drugs and unhealthy sex and the abuse of using Arms is nothing more than darkness and shadows. Let the individual who desires to effect Good; let them allow their LIGHT to shine on all.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate