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True Updated Delegate Count - Ron Paul RISING!

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Most of the delegates Santorum has

came from the primary wins. I don't think he got very many at all from the part two delegate voting.

Great video Matt....

I needed that fix this morning....!

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VERY Encouraging...

Thanks for the lift!

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I Don't Know Either, However, 'WE ARE WINNING THE R3REVOLUTION'

Go Ron Paul!!

my opinion

santorum has way fewer delegates than they say, i would geuss around 100 or a little over , paul though come on !! hes def in second or close tie with mittens

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That's really weird

The numbers for Romney, Paul, and Gingrich are probably about right (though I am hoping we actually have a lot more in the form of stealth Paul supporters who are bound to other candidates)

The numbers for Santorum...I have no idea where they are getting these numbers. I think Santorum probably has no more than 60% of that number.

The overall delegate totals are 100+ more than have actually been allocated so far (there have been 1030 delegates from the states/territories that have voted so far, and 1156 total in the GOP Unbound chart)

It seems like the GOP Unbound chart might be a Santorum-favoring site which is trying to make it look like he has a chance. If you take away those extra 120 or so delegates from Santorum's ledger, THEN you have a pretty accurate picture of the first round voting.

In stealth delegates we

In stealth delegates we trust. They will decide who will get the GOP nomination in a brokered convention.

Good stuff...

However, I think he is wrong about the Santorum events struggling for 200. Can anyone verify this? I think they are just as big as Paul's but unlikely to be bigger. What I think is more important is that the Santorum events have all silver hairs. Paul events, and again, someone correct me if I am wrong have a diverse population of many colors and ages (although mostly youth).

all of Santorum's rallies

all of Santorum's rallies that I've seen or heard of were 200 - 300.

Santorum has zero in Maryland

I just got the Maryland ballot for our upcoming Primary. Dr. Paul has 3 delegates, Romney has 3 or 4, Gingrich has a couple and Santorum has ZERO on the slate. There are several delegates listed with no declared affiliation.


Bottom line, I don't know where Santorum - who has no organization - is getting any real delegates.

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What County?

I am holding a Harford County (Maryland) sample ballot in my hand and all 4 of the major candidates each has 3 delegates listed on the ballot. Fact.



Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

Let's see a similar

Let's see a similar comparison like this one showing two events in KS.. show us that Santorum brought more supporters in the same week in the same location than Paul.

The reality is, if casual supporters of Santorum or those who are just mildly curious about him want to see or hear him they just turn on the TV. There's no need for them to go see him in person. If someone is even remotely interested in Paul then they either have to turn to the Internet or go see him in person - because he's not on TV very often.

I hope your joking about Santorum's numbers

I don't think he EVER cracked more than 300-400 for his speeches during this campaign even in Alabama, Louisiana or Mississippi.

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put up a picture of Santorum's rallys

if you think he brings in crowds like Paul