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Agenda 21 Explained Must Watch

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It's good to hear someone defining this word

correctly although still pronouncing it incorrectly.

The word is un-a-lien-a-ble. There is a reason to pronounce this word correctly and that is so people can understand what it actually means.

It is NOT un-alien-a-ble.

Mispronunciation of this word takes away the true meaning.

This constitutes one major difference between a republic and a democracy. In a republic there are NO liens on property.

Ron Paul is My President

You're gonna hear about this more and more

I remember hearing about that woman who grew a garden in her yard and it was against some law or ordinance. They're taking over cities water supplies as well and charging residents ridiculous amounts of money to build new facilities that meet agenda 21s environmental standards. I heard someone talking about it in Ohio and his water bill was going up 10 times what it normally is per month. From like 40 bucks a month to 400 bucks a month.

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For all those on Platform / Resolutions Committees :-)

It was Part of Our GOP County Platform to Reject Agenda 21

It was part of our GOP County Platform to reject Agenda 21. I hope that our Republican's Senators an Representative in Washington will reject or vote against it, but that maybe wishful thinking on my part.