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Romney: Godfather of Obamacare - Paul: Godfather of the Tea Party Movement

Letter to Red State from Rick Santorum 032712

"The 2012 election should be an opportunity for Americans to elect a President committed to ObamaCare’s repeal and replacement with sound free-market competition. But that is where this 2012 election has an unusual aspect. The original architect of the Democrats’ unpopular healthcare law is himself also running for president on the GOP ticket. Mitt Romney, one of the candidates in the race for the GOP nomination, authored and championed his own version of ObamaCare less than six years ago.


The 2012 election is about one central philosophic point: How big of a federal government do we want and is that where the solutions lie to the challenges that face America? Do we share the Obama-Romney view that government possesses vast and broad powers to dictate anything it pleases? Or do we prefer the view of our founding fathers and the authors of the Constitution? Do we embrace the status quo, which is good for the establishment, but not good for America? Or do we once again, correct our course, and embrace the inalienable rights endowed by our creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of a better America."

Why isn't this coming from Ron Paul instead of Rick Santorum?