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POLITICO - Ron Paul: Stop 'Silly Questions' About Quitting

Ask Ron Paul why he’s still in the presidential race, and he’ll tell you not to bother him with “silly questions.”

In an interview on CNN, host Piers Morgan asked the Texas congressman on Monday night, “If I was prescribing some medicine for you right now, congressman, I think I would say the situation is looking pretty terminal for your race to the GOP nominee. Why don’t you just do the decent thing and pull out?”

The two seemed to trade these words in good humor, but when Morgan pressed the 2012 hopeful about his lag in the polls as well as in the delegate race, Paul pushed back firmly, insisting that his campaign is “doing quite well” as far as delegates go, before finally interjecting, “Why don’t you let me finish?”

According to Paul, his campaign is doing “very well” in states like Washington and North Dakota, and seeing some good news come out of others like Missouri.

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And then there were two

This would be counter-productive probably to boast this, but in 2008 he stayed in until after everybody but McCain had quit and his website had "And then there were two" on it for months. At least as a supporter I know it would be very strange to wake up and find him quitting.

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I especially liked the

I especially liked the comments. Sometimes I endorse these kinds of articles just for the comments.

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Ron...sharp as a razor!


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How about we win TX and CA

And then RP can go back on the show and have the same conversation. That's what I'd like to see. No one said this one gonna be short and sweet piers.

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Hate to say...

...but the campaign cut the legs out. It's all up to the grassroots now.

Hint to grassroots leaders. Begin with the end in mind. Identify your nat del candidates now by going to fec.gov, downloading the donations to RP for your state, sort in descending order based on amounts donated and start calling.


lets get to the finish line and own the GOP!

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