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YouTube Bombs! (New idea)

The idea is that we get as many people on the dailypaul as possible to go on to YouTube on a certain date and flood a particular topic that Paul appeals to with supportive comments.

Couple of examples:

On Memorial Day we create a post called "Memorial day YouTube bomb." Use the keywords soldier, troop comes home, army, marine, Afghanistan, etc" Everyone on the DP then goes on to YouTube and leaves 10-20 comments a piece supporting Paul's position on War, on the videos that come up when those keywords are typed in.

On 4/20 someone could create a post called "4/20 YouTube bomb." List five or six key words like pot, marijuana, etc. Then everyone will go on YouTube and explain why Paul supports freedom of choice in that area, and write quotes that would incite people to search for Ron Paul on YouTube or google.

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